Blast from the Past 3/8

March 08, 2000

Week of March 5, 1950

Applications are being accepted for 70 enumerator jobs for the 17th decennial census in Hagerstown and Washington County. Most enumerators will be employed for two to four weeks and will earn about $8 or $9 per day, based on piece rates.

About 35 percent of the plumbing fixtures in Hagerstown have been installed without permits and the city collects no sewerage revenue on such fixtures.

The Mayor and Council are discussing changes in the sewer rate structure to force each user to pay his fair share of the cost.


Mrs. Lucille Kennedy, Lappans Crossroads, found an unusual egg in her henhouse yesterday. The egg has rough ridges all around and looks something like a lily. Another egg similar in appearance was found by a family member, but was thrown away to "break any bad luck."

Week of March 5, 1975

Blustery 20-degree weather did little to chill the spirits of Williamsport voters who turned out in droves to elect the town's Progressive Party to three council seats.

William H. Eyler Jr., Pat Cushwa and Michael Harsh, all of the Progressive Party, were the election's top vote-getters.

Eleanor Lakin, a Boonsboro architect, Reuben Musey of Hagerstown Junior College and Richard B. Prather, researcher and consultant, have written a history of the Washington County Courthouse and its three buildings over the past 200 years. Copies of the book are on sale at the County Commissioners' office on the second floor of the Court House.

Mayor Varner L. Paddock admitted this week that City Council's secret hiring of a Frederick law firm last fall "was a mistake." He said the council should have asked the City Attorney to do research on questions about annexation rather than secretly going to an outside firm.

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