Mail Call for 3/8

March 08, 2000

"The dish on the show 'Everybody Loves Raymond' that Debbie was cooking is called braciole, and you can find it in most Italian cookbooks."

"Does anyone know when the city is going to resume the yard waste pickup?"

"To the anonymous female caller at Prime Outlets, call me again sometime, please."

"I noticed that the Washington County planners have approved 520 new residential units that will exit onto Robinwood Drive. The developers have not been required to pay any funds for improving Robinwood Drive or enlarging Eastern Elementary School. So, the final result will be that the Washington County taxpayers will pay for a new school and road improvements. This residential expansion along with the new Wal-Mart store will create a traffic gridlock in this area in the very near future."

"Go, Al Gore. Al Gore for President."

"I want to address the domestic violence articles in The Daily Mail. I think they are great and it shows awareness of what is really happening around us. I think the state, county and city officers are doing a great job. I want to mention the fact, being a spouse of an abuser, many times that I have called the police because of the abuse I was faced with. The problem that I was faced with was every time they came to my house for domestic violence it has always been two male officers. They need to send more female officers to come to domestic violence calls to talk to the female who is being abused. Not all abusers are men, but when you are being abused by a man, and two male officers show up, it presents a problem. You are faced with the thought that all men stick together."


"To all the people who are worried about the two men who were charged in the stabbing and got out on bond. Remember this when you go to the polls. The liberal Democrats are the ones that pass these laws in the state of Maryland. The victims' rights are not even noticed, compared to the criminals. Just remember when you go to the polls, that they are the ones that pick these judges who let these criminals go. So remember this before you pull those levers."

"More Wal-Marts, more shopping centers. Why don't we just stay home and quit our jobs, so we can shop all day long?"

"I wish that Larry Vaughn could get his facts and story straight when it comes to this thing about the fire truck."

"I live in the North End and I want Wally to stop the bickering with the people in the West End."

"To the person who is looking for a dentist, try Dr. John Garrott, 301-797-6571, 802 Linwood Road, Halfway. He is the greatest, he is sweet and I am sure that he doesn't charge a lot. He is really down to earth. Try him, you will like him."

"I am trying to find a store in Hagerstown that sells scrapbooks and photo albums. If you know of any, please call in."

"If our neighbors were married, had jobs and worked or developed steady hobbies, they wouldn't have so much time and be so busy picking on their neighbors. They would be busy doing other things."

"I think it is pretty bad when you live in town and 99 years old and you have to fix up the sidewalk. I didn't know that the sidewalks belonged to the homeowners. So you know what I am going to do? I am going to put up a No Trespassing sign. How do you like that?"

"I am a hair dresser in the Hagerstown area. I am looking for a professional that can sharpen hair dresser scissors. If anyone knows of anyone, call Mail Call and leave your number. I know a few people at work who are also interested."

"In response to the billboard signs about God. I have seen them too and they are great. My favorite one is the one as you are going out of Funkstown right past the Legion. It says, 'Don't Make Me Come Down There, Signed God.' That is the best one they could have ever put up."

"The person who called Mail Call about the bond for the two men in the recent stabbing, one individual is critical and one died. Someone please call in with a number to organize, so others can join a peaceful protest. When an individual stabs another one to death, bond should be denied until the trial."

"Have you ever tried calling the Child Support Enforcement Agency? You are guaranteed at least a seven-minute wait. What ever happened to customer service and the two-minute wait protocol? Also, you have to share all your information with whoever answers the phone and if it is important enough they will put you through to your agent. Wow, so much for confidentiality."

"Please, no more. We are being suffocated in our development with the monster mall. Whoever is responsible for this, don't we have enough restaurants and shopping areas already? The dirt that we have in Halfway and in our homes are being covered with dirt. This is disgusting and costly. Please, no more. I am a senior who is fed up with it all."

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