Mail Call for 3/3

March 03, 2000

"What's wrong with this picture? Two stabbings takes place in Hagerstown. One man dies and one is in serious condition. The two men charged in the stabbings are running free before the funeral even takes place. No pictures in the paper of the criminals. We the public should see their faces for our own safety. Think of the parents, the family and friends of this young man who didn't deserve to die. Think what they have been through. Who is the guilty one, Gordon Moats, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the one who used the knife to take his life? What is wrong with our justice system? Let's be fair about this?"

"About the Girl Scout cookies. There are a lot of old people who can't get out to buy them. So why don't they send someone out to sell them? You would probably sell more."


"In reference to this so-called Washington County tax coming out of payrolls. What is it and where did it come from and why? We are hard working people, we don't need state, federal and Washington County taken out of our checks. We want our money back! Anyone else having this problem? Call Mail Call, we will be looking for you."

"I see in The Daily Mail where they are planning to build another Wal-Mart Supercenter, east of Hagerstown. I think it is about time that we get some good stores on this end of town."

"Another Wal-Mart? Give me a break. How many more abandoned store fronts do we have to have in this area before we wake up and realize that this is actually called sprawl. All we have is a lot of unusable buildings. We already have two Lowe's buildings and soon to be one Wal-Mart. Who is to say what is going to happen to Martin's on Edgewood Drive if another supercenter moves in? With this we are only bringing in low-paying jobs instead of higher- paying technical jobs. Come on, people, let's get together and stop this before we get run over by shopping centers. It is a historical area, let's try to keep a little history here."

"I want someone to tell me why these schools have all these fund- raisers? If you have three children, all of them get fund-raisers. How many people do you know that will help with three fund-raisers in one family? All the neighbors have the same ones. What is all the money used for and how much does the school get out of these fund-raisers? Why don't the parents just give $5, the school can keep it and get rid of the fund-raisers? When my kids were in school, they had fund-raisers at Christmas, Easter and that was it. All of a sudden, we have them every month and they are out of sight!"

"To the person on Oak Hill. In a reverse sting, the point is to arrest a few people to get headlines to scare off other drug buyers. So you need an unmarked vehicle. In a traffic situation, a marked cruiser is to scare people to slow down. So in that case, you need a marked cruiser. I hope this helps."

"I went by a house on Sharpsburg Pike the other day and someone was selling bird houses, close to around where Arnett's used to be. If they would advertise a price outside, you may be able to sell them a lot quicker. They are beautiful. I just wish I knew of a price."

"Gordon Moats was more than my nephew. He was a role model for all the kids in my family. All the kids looked up to him and dressed like him. The guy that was charged in the stabbing is walking the streets. Is this justice? I have to keep my 10-year-old boy under lock and key. This is not justice."

"In response to the lady who called in about her gas bill. I have already called the Public Service Commission and they said last year that they allow these people to charge these kinds of prices to keep the cost of gas down. Now if this isn't double talk, then I don't know what is."

"Does anyone know what to do about wax buildup in the ears? Every morning when I clean out my daughter's ears, there is a terrible wax buildup. I am not sure if it is affecting her hearing or not. Someone told me before what to use, some type of drops or something, but I forgot. Can someone help me?"

"A few years ago I read an article about the government spending a couple of million dollars on a really stupid project. To all of my friends who told me I was making it up then, because they didn't see it on the news because the media buried it pretty quick for whatever reason. It was confirmed by John McCain and Jay Leno that yes, the government spent $2 million to study the effects of cows passing gas and the effect it has on the ozone layer. That's right, $2 million to find out what happens to the ozone layer when a cow passes gas! That's your government."

"On the 'Everyone Loves Raymond' TV show the other night, Debbie was cooking a dish called prisolli. What is this dish? It is not in the dictionary."

"Could someone tell me why two men can be charged with a stabbing at a bowling alley and two days later, they post bond and they are on the streets again? If I remember right, just last year, a man in Downsville shot an intruder that broke into his house just to protect his family. They put him in jail and didn't want to let him out. Does the criminal have more rights? Wake up, justice system."

"Just when you thought that Hagerstown couldn't get any worse, you pick up the paper and find out that they are planning to build another Wal-Mart. God help us."

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