Arrest warrant issued for pit bull's owner

March 01, 2000|By MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN - Richard and Annette Mulligan's little dog Kipp no longer needs to fear the pit bull that his owners allege attacked the pint-sized Pomeranian last November in its own yard.

Ed Venoy, the owner of the pit bull, failed to appear in Washington County District Court Tuesday. He is charged with three counts each of animals running at large and having nuisance animals.

An unidentified man, who told Judge Noel Spence he was a friend of the defendant, said Venoy was in Ohio.

Spence responded by issuing a $2,500 bench warrant for Venoy's arrest.

The Mulligans and their witnesses were told a new court date would be set when Venoy is picked up.

Keller Haden of the Humane Society of Washington County confirmed Tuesday that both of Venoy's pit bulls were declared nuisance/vicious dogs by her agency on Dec. 11 in a hand-delivered letter.

"We gave him 10 days to comply or appeal and when we went back in 10 days, he said he was moving, so we worked with him," she said.


The ordinance, as now written, doesn't given the Humane Society the right to seize the animals, providing only small fines for noncompliance, Haden said.

Mulligan and his wife, Annette, of 49 W. Maple Ave., filed the charges against Venoy when he lived at 24 Cemetery St. in Funkstown.

The Mulligans said they decided to go to court because their dog has been attacked twice by the same dogs and the dogs' owner had been allowed to keep them.

Venoy admitted in early December his dogs got loose while he was at work on the day of the second attack in November, but in a telephone interview he criticized the Mulligans for allowing their dog to run loose as well.

The attack occurred in the Mulligans' carport, according to court records.

Kipp was rushed to the office of veterinarian Dr. Robert Cody, who used 60 stitches to close a wound in the back of the 3-year-old Pomeranian's neck.

Kipp has since recovered.

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