Summary of delegations tax plan

March 01, 2000

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The latest Washington County Delegation tax increase plan would:

- Double the hotel-motel tax from 3 percent to 6 percent, which would generate a total of $1 million a year.

- Give the Washington County Commissioners 55 percent of the tax, or $550,000, for economic development and tourism promotion.

- Require the county to put an extra $500,000 a year toward paying down its $52.3 million water and sewer debt. That's an increase of $100,000 from an earlier proposal. Half of the debt money would come from the room tax increase and half would come through cutting charities' share of Washington County Gaming Commission funds.

- Eliminate economic development grants to municipalities, instead requiring them to compete for grants from the County Commissioners.

- Give the Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau 45 percent of the tax, which is about the same as it now receives. The plan eliminates a budget cap that was proposed earlier.


- Require the Maryland Stadium Authority to develop preliminary plans for a new stadium, including cost, economic development and reuse of the city's current stadium.

- Laura Ernde

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