Mail Call for 2/29

February 29, 2000

"To the guy who is complaining about the Power Team being in the schools. I was at Northern Middle School the day they came in and none of them had T-shirts on with the word Jesus. They wore plain T-shirts. They did not speak about the Lord, but I wish they would have. The only thing they talked about was safe sex, not to drink and drive or do drugs, and that women should be shown respect. They shouldn't be beaten or abused. I wish they would put God back into the schools. I used to pray in school all the time until I got in trouble for it. If you don't have a child in school, then mind your own business."

"To the guy who loves Brenda so much, why don't you go down and tell her in person? All she can do is slap you in the face or tell you to leave her alone. If you really love her, go tell her. I really loved a girl, but I didn't tell her and she got away from me. I told family and friends, but I didn't tell her, and now I lost her."


"For Uncle Lou Scally at News 25. If you keep giving us this weather, we are going to love you. You are going to be our buddy. We are going to buy you that submarine you were eating in that advertisement. Then, we won't be mad at you anymore for giving us all that bad weather. Thanks, Lou."

"We have a man that comes over to our house every time he sees us outside. He is our neighbor. We are tired of him coming over all the time. What can we say to him, so he wouldn't get mad at us? If anyone has any opinions, call Mail Call."

"I am calling about everything being stolen off the graves at Rest Haven. I wanted to know how people would feel if they had a child buried in the afternoon at 3 p.m. and you go back to the grave at 6 p.m. and all the flowers are off the grave. You put them back on and go back the next morning around 9 a.m. and they are all back off again. We know who done it. You talk to the caretakers, but they can't do anything. They said they had to catch them in the act. The people that done this wrote notes and signed their names. Now, that is how stupid they are."

"If Darryl Strawberry is allowed to play after his cocaine bust, then Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. The Commissioner of Baseball should be dismissed because he doesn't know what is going on."

"I am calling about a product called Sudden Change. It is for puffiness under your eyes. I wanted to know where you buy it, if they tried it, or if it is any good. If they did, can you leave a message in Mail Call?"

"My name is Ellie Hutzell. my number is 301-791-7889. I had a little black and white terrier that was hit on Burhans Boulevard. If anyone has any information on who hit my dog, please call me. He was just a small dog that was left to lay in the grass. Please call me."

"Please do not take away April 20 and April 25 as school holidays. We have a non-refundable family vacation planned for and paid for during spring break. Parents and teachers alike do not want a plan-as-you-go calendar. We want a calendar that we can depend on from August to June."

"I think that we should have a Children's Day. I think that on Children's Day, everyone should take whatever they can give and send it somewhere and all that money go to the poor children that don't have a roof over their head, no food to eat, no medical care. Send it somewhere the children really need the help."

"Thanks, Wally and Larry, for reminding me why the government doesn't work and giving me a reason to go to the polls and vote against two individuals."

"Why don't we hear anything else about that stabbing that killed the one? Why don't we hear about the condition of the man who was injured?"

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