Mail Call for 28

February 28, 2000

"This is to the Smithsburg Post Office. Today I had a delivery. It contained a picture for a very special occasion I had coming up. The picture was ripped in half, in an envelope completely different than the one it originally came in and half of the picture was missing. I don't have time to get another picture and now the project I had, requiring the use of this picture, is now ruined. You totally ruined my project."

"Why can't the city help with the stadium, but they can spend $55,000 to help pay for the Baldwin House? It should be demolished."

"I am the person who helped the guy's sister up on West Washington Street. There was an article in the paper where she found out she was pregnant and wanted to name the child after me. No, I do not want the baby named after me. You do not have my permission. You name the child after his father. Do not name it after someone who helped you up. I won't give you my last name and I don't want you to give it my first name either. It should be named after his father. I already have a Richard here in my family."


"I am looking for the following people. The reason I am looking for them is to put a little reunion together and anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated. The names are, William Kreghead, Billy Kreghead, Angie Mason, Eddie Grove, Sandra Sheetz, Deneen Brotus, Shelly Browning, Lisa Carter, Jeffrey Pebble, Mark Miner, Danny Pedula and Stephanie Lenker. Leave the information in Mail Call."

"I have been reading about the cat issue. The man apologized for hitting the cat. I don't understand, everyone has been making such a big issue and fuss about him accidentally hitting the cat, but why doesn't everyone make a big fuss about a human being getting hit? This is something I don't understand. Please explain this to me."

"I read about the person blaming the owner for the cat getting hit, what if that was a child and the child mistakenly got outside and got hit. Would you still stay that it was a mistake on the owners part? I don't think so. It is still the owners fault that the cat got out, regardless."

"The taxpayers of this city and county have made it loud and clear that they do not want the new stadium and we don't want any tax money going into the stadium. Del. Donoghue needs to know that he was elected to serve the best interest of the people and not his own best interest. He was elected by the people."

"People, you were tricked when they told you that the new bond issue would pay off the water debt. How funny is it that we incur $15 million more of spending for the stadium and some people think it is a good thing because $400,000 will go into the water and sewer's $52 million debt. Tthat won't even touch the interest. Chris Shank and Bob McKee were originally against this stadium and only Munson has the power to make these people change their minds. The newspaper should be honest and tell the public what is really going on."

" Why is the hotel and motel tax being tied with the tip jars? I don't think that they have anything to do with each other, the tip jar money has been functioning very well. So why mess with that, why not just put the 6 percent motel tax on and be done with it."

"If the County Commissioners have so much money to give to the YMCA to compete against private industries, why can't they put that money on the water and sewer debt?"

"About the stabbing that happened at the bowling alley. I think it is pretty pathetic that you can be charged and you can get out on bond. To me, if you get charged with murder, you should not be released on bond just because you can pay that money to get out and roam the streets. You should have to sit in jail until your trial. I would like to see pictures of these two men so I know if I am standing beside them in the grocery store or standing at the local hangout. I don't want my children near them."

"Today is Thursday, Feb. 24, and I just saw my first robin of the season and it was collecting material to make its nest."

"If anyone wants a good sandwich or great soup, just stop at Gracie's in Funkstown. You get good service, great people, you are very welcomed. My sandwich was so good."

"You can get the Domino Sugar Cubes at County Market. I buy them there every week."

"All right Mayor Bruchey and all the fine councilmen. The snow is gone, the streets are filthy, maybe we could spend some of the money that we don't have to clean the streets. You seem to have plenty of money for the stadium, could we find some for the basic service that we pay for?"

"I watched the Grammy's last night, from beginning to end and two words have come to mind, 'mostly garbage'."

"To the Board of Education, yes, please take away April 20 and 25 as holidays, leave Spring Break in tact. Please consider the governor's waiver of those days that we missed that were state emergencies. It proves nothing to these children to sit in an unairconditioned classes, during June. They are not going to learn anything."

"I want to make a comment about all the building going on around Hagerstown. I can't understand why there is nothing being built on Leitersburg Pike? There is 97 acres up for sale from Leitersburg Pike that runs clear over Longmeadow Road. There should be a Home Federal, a grocery store and a restaurant of some kind. It is not fair and it is inconvenient for the people who live out here on Leitersburg Pike."

"Stop talking about the stadium, enough is enough. Find the funding and get it over with. The city councilmen have been talking about this for almost a year now and it is getting old. Stop talking about it until you find the funding, then let the citizens of Washington County and the surrounding areas know where it is going to be and when it is going to be there. But until then, keep it quiet, we don't want to hear about it anymore."

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