Mike Rohrer faces additional charges

February 24, 2000|By KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

SMITHSBURG - A Smithsburg Town Councilman charged earlier with making fake auto validation stickers on a home computer faced additional charges Thursday involving another vehicle, according to Smithsburg Police.

Michael Todd Rohrer, 32, of 23 S. Main St., Smithsburg, was served Thursday afternoon with a criminal summons charging him with one count of operating an unregistered motor vehicle and one count of driving an uninsured vehicle, Acting Police Chief Michael Neuland said.

Neuland alleged that Rohrer's maroon and tan 1993 GMC pickup truck's registration had expired in August 1997 and there were four compulsory insurance violations starting in August 1995.

A charge of driving an uninsured vehicle carries a $270 fine and an unregistered vehicle charge requires a court appearance, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Department.


Attempts to contact Rohrer Thursday night were unsuccessful.

Rohrer was initially charged Monday evening after Neuland noticed a 1988 Mercury Sable parked behind Town Hall with a false validation sticker.

After running a check on the vehicle tag, Neuland found it belonged to Rohrer, that the plate had been expired since 1996 and there were four insurance violations, Neuland alleged.

Rohrer was charged Monday with operating an unregistered motor vehicle and fraudulently falsifying validation tags, driving an uninsured motor vehicle and displaying expired registration plates, according to Neuland's earlier report.

Smithsburg Mayor Tommy Bowers was unavailable for comment Thursday evening.

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