Mail Call for 2/18

February 18, 2000

"I want to wish my mother, Janet Rohrer, a happy birthday and I wanted to say that I will be home soon and I love her very much. From your daughter."

"If people don't want their pets run over, then they should keep them in the house or yard where they belong. About a month ago, I hit a dog. I stopped to look for it, but it ran off and I couldn't find it. But at least I looked. I did the best I could and the dog shouldn't have been loose anyway, so I went on home."

"I am calling about a will that I made years ago. I now made another one and I didn't take the first one out of the courthouse. So which one would be right for me? I think I made a mistake. Leave a response in Mail Call."

"If you read the newspaper and talk to the public in general, you will find out that most people do not want a new stadium built in Hagerstown. Isn't it amazing what the politicians would do to pursue the people's minds and adding all these little things that they are doing now with the tip jars and such and all that stuff? We don't want a stadium!"


"I want to know if the woman who found the seven envelopes at the Chinese restaurant rewarded those people for finding her money and giving it back to her?"

"In response to the people calling in about the cats getting run over. I don't want to sound heartless, but I believe that anyone who hits an animal, should stop and if they don't they should be prosecuted. But, why are these animals running loose in the first place? I know that some of them get loose and it can't be helped"

"I want to congratulate my brother Brian and his fiance on their engagement and their expectant arrival of their new bundle of joy."

"Congratulations to the new Main Street Grill in Boonsboro. Good food, good service and great prices."

"Does anyone know where a Slender You is located at? My sister went there many years ago and she really enjoyed the exercise equipment there and it was a reasonable price."

"Mail Call was doing so good, but now all you have is no snow angels, but we sure do have birthdays and anniversaries. What do they think the back of the newspaper is for? Are they too cheap to pay The Herald-Mail to put it in the back of the paper? I don't think Mail Call should accept anniversaries or birthdays."

"I am calling to see if someone can help me. I was supposed to go on that Las Vegas trip with CW Travel and I don't know how to get my money back. There is no more information in the paper."

"I read where CRS was denied funding from the tip jars. This isn't right. They play a very important part in the community. The men and women who work for them are there for us, day or night, in any type of weather. They should have gotten some type of funding."

"For mayor and council of Hagerstown, If I had a property downtown and I failed to pay my rent for 16 or more months, would you give me a second chance? Answer that for me, Mr. McClure, since you always seem to have an answer for everything. I will be waiting to hear from you."

"I see in Wednesday's paper where someone is complaining about the News 25 sports reporter. I too wish he would slow down with his talking. Sometimes you can't even make out what he is saying. I agree 100 percent with that person."

"My brother was hit by a hit and run driver the other day and I wanted to say to him that things will get better. He went and caught the person who hit him and had him arrested. I wanted to say congratulations to him and I hope everything turns out well."

"I want to know what I can put around my shrubs and flowers to keep the cats away? They act like they own the shrubs and it really smells. Anyone with any suggestions?"

"I am calling to let Jane Honigs, a staff writer for The Daily Mail know that I am her No. 1 fan. Her articles are great. The one about the red haired boy and the one about her dogs were excellent. They touched us here at my house. Keep up the great work, Jane."

"I am calling about these road men during the winter. They tear up the banks and people's lawns. It is nice to have the roads open, but I think they go to extremes. They have everything torn up in some places. I think they should send prisoners out here to clean them up."

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