Mail Call for 2/17

February 17, 2000

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I have to agree with the person who was talking about the cat getting hit on West Washington Street. I live on the East Washington Street block at the intersection at the Square. You are right, the person should not have kept on going. I wish the police and the Humane Society would do something about that."

"I hope the person who killed that cat on West Washington Street will remember one thing, the Golden Rule, do unto others that you would do unto you and I hope whoever you are, I hope it does stay on your conscience for a long time."


"Where is the $12 million Superfund money promised 10 years ago to clean up the Central Chemical Co. property? Are we safe, or are we still at risk? Are the people who built or purchased homes behind County Market safe and their investments secure? When is the cleanup going to start, or has the money been given to another state or county? Is it possible for the people of this city to get a straight answer from the city government or from Sen. Barbara Mikulski?"

"Would anyone out there have any information on where to buy Ramen noodles that are baked and low fat? Some stores sell them, but I don't know where."

"In response to the lady with the orange and white cat that got killed last Wednesday, if you stood and watched that truck for two minutes after it came close to hitting a child, why didn't you take a tag number down in the meantime? Therefore you could have caught the person. First of all, why was your cat roaming the neighborhood, or kept on a leash outside so it couldn't get away? That is the reason why these animals keep getting killed."

"Finally someone else is calling in and complaining about all the animals being hit and left on the road. It makes my heart ache to see this. When are drivers going to be more cautious? I don't want to hear, keep the animals inside, it is not fair to the animals that enjoy being outside, just like us. I want to say to the person who lost the orange and white cat, that I am so sorry, I have been there and I know how you feel. I just wish we could do something about this. Anyone have any ideas?"

"Someone called and asked about the Peach Festival in Leitersburg. It is Aug. 12-13."

"I just wanted to say that I think that the American flag on the top of the new water tank in the West End looks really great waving in the wind."

"To the lady whose orange and white cat was run over and she thinks that the SPCA and the city police shouldn't get involved. I agree, they should get in touch with you about keeping your cat on a leash or tether, which the law requires. Then maybe your cat would not have gotten run over."

"My heart goes out to the family whose cat was struck and killed, but I have to say and you know this is true, if you had kept the cat indoors, it would still be alive. Please, if you live anywhere near a road, keep your animals indoors or confined in your yard."

"People need to realize that their animals are not supposed to be running the streets. That is why they get hit. It is not the responsibility of the person who hit it, to be concerned about that animal. You should keep your animals inside and off of the streets."

"To the 29-year-old lady who put the message in Mail Call on Feb. 2, about the responsible person. She can call me at 301-790-0567."

"I was glad to see that private schools are also worried about receiving public funds. They don't want the state to have control over their school. As a parent with children in public schools, I am, too, worried about public funds going to private schools. It should never happen. Call, write or e-mail Gov. Glendening, tell him that public money should not go to private schools. If you have any doubts, take a walk into your child's public school and see for yourself, kids with old books without the proper things they need, classrooms that don't have enough chairs or desks for the children that are in there. Take a good look and then call your representative and make sure that our tax money and our public money stays within the public reach."

"To the person who called in about the electric smoke detector that chirps. It has a battery backup, it will chirp when the battery needs replaced."

"Hello, Brenda, who works at CVS, I am sorry, I meant to get you a Valentine card and I didn't. I will just let you read it in Mail Call. I love you and I always did love you, not just on Valentine's Day. I may not be with you but I still love you, with all of my heart. I love you Brenda, for who you are not just for what you have and you will always be my Valentine even when we are apart. I love you, you will know who I am."

"I watch Channel 7 news every evening at 5 p.m. and I wanted to know what happened to Paul Berry. Call in your answer to Mail Call."

"Is there a bus trip going to see 'Noah' in the spring? If so, leave your response in the paper. I am interested in going to see 'Noah.'

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