Potter's Bowl Dinner: Meet the artists

February 17, 2000

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Without area potters, there would be no Potter's Bowl Dinner.

The fifth annual fund-raiser on Sunday, Feb. 27, will feature the clay creations of almost 20 potters from the Tri-State area.

Some have contributed their talents since the first event, setting a pattern of giving for other artists to follow. Here are profiles of four artisans whose creations have become as much a part of the Potter's Bowl tradition as the soups.

Meg H. Partington, Staff Writer


Del Martin

There is a flame burning on Remsburg Road in Smithsburg.

Inside the kiln at Foxcross Pottery, that flame brings countless hours of work by Del Martin to completion.

Off the remote gravel road are the house he shares with his wife, Carol, and the studio, both of which he constructed. continue...


Judy Melby

After a trying day of trading for herself and family members on the stock market, Judy Melby turns to fish to soothe herself.

"I'm a very stressful day trader by day and a fish sculptor by night," says Melby, of Spring Valley. continue...

Stephen Wright

When Stephen Wright shapes clay, he also shapes sound.

In 1992, he established The Wright Hand Drum Co., the name under which he makes ceramic percussion instruments. continue...

Vivian Ogle

When Vivian Ogle works with clay, she is reminded that imperfections are acceptable.

"We are so used to seeing machine-made things that have no flaws," Ogle says. continue...

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