thumbs up, thumbs down

February 16, 2000

Thumbs up!To Horace W. Murphy, retiring head of the Washington County Health System. Under his watch, the hospital not only remained independent, it prospered greatly as well.

Thumbs up!To Washington County Commissioner John Schnebly, for insisting state lawmakers admit that, yes, they have a plan to finance a new stadium. Give this man a lamp and call him Diogenes; straight talk is hard to find today.

Thumbs up!To David Jones and The Steakout Restaurant, for their pledge to serve meals to the homeless at the REACH Cold Weather Shelter from now through April 18. His fried chicken is a favorite there.

Thumbs up!To the Jefferson County Board of Education, for their decision to support a temporary moratorium of homebuilding there, until the county gets a handle on how to pay for new schools. Planning the future is better than just letting it happen.


Thumbs up!To Sharon Leatherman of Williamsport, for her many years of advocacy for women's causes before the Maryland legislature. Thanks to her, women's health and safety issues haven't been ignored.

Thumbs down!To comedian Jerry Lewis, for saying that when he sees a woman comic he thinks of a "producing machine that brings babies into the world." No word yet on the reaction of the French, who, for some reason, consider this guy a genius.

Thumbs down!To everyone in Northern Ireland who's still clinging to the past and the memory of battles fought hundreds of years ago. Citizens of an educated nation have no excuse for not making peace.

Thumbs up!To U.S. Sen. John McCain, for making continuous contact with the people the key to his campaign. Love him or hate him, you've got to admit it's better than those campaigns that are so well-scripted that there's no chance for a spontaneous moment.

Thumbs down!To all of the home heating oil and gasoline distributors who are quick to raise prices, but not so fast on the draw when it's time to send the cost per gallon back down again.

Thumbs up!To the Williamsport branch of Nabisco, Inc., a food distributor which gave $136,241 worth of cookies and crackers to Food Resources, Inc., during 1999 to help stock local food pantries for the needy. That's a lot of Oreos and Saltines!

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