Man gets three years suspended in contempt case

February 16, 2000

A man who got unruly at a 1998 Washington County Juvenile Court hearing was given a three-year suspended jail sentence Wednesday for resisting arrest.

Johnny Ray Strouth, 41, of 13349 Greensburg Road, was placed on probation for three years.

"Your conduct was totally unacceptable," said Washington County Circuit Judge Kennedy Boone, who refused to consider probation before judgment because of prior convictions for battery and disorderly conduct.

Strouth was a spectator in court on Oct. 14, 1998, and was found in contempt by Judge John H. McDowell for comments he made at a juvenile hearing for his sons.

As Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Waugh began to remove Strouth from the courtroom, he struggled and continued to try to pull free as he went into the hallway, police said.


In the hallway, Strouth made a 12-inch hole in the wall outside Courtroom 3 with his shoulder, police said.

"He spoke out in court where his sons were in for theft," said defense attorney Louis Martucci. "Judge McDowell didn't want to hear from him and he continued to speak. ... It was an unfortunate incident."

Strouth, who served 15 days in jail for the contempt, paid $175 in restitution for the damage to the wall.

- Marlo Barnhart

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