Mail Call for 2/15/00

February 15, 2000

"I am calling in response to the person who hit the cat on West Washington Street. Although I wasn't there, it is people like you that upset people and put sadness in families. You could have at least stopped to see who the cat belonged to. Several years ago, someone on National Pike near Clear Spring purposely swerved and hit my dog. It is cruel to kill someone's family pet and not stop. I hope it stays on your conscience and remember that when it happens to you. And I am sure that you aren't going to like it."

"I am calling about the woman with the children's clothes. We are interested in them. Call Mary at 301-745-3353. She will pick them up if you still have them."

"I am trying to get in touch with a child that goes to Winter Street Elementary School. Someone was at my house, 630 W. Washington St. and was selling Wolfgang candy. I was leaving and told them to come back later, Well I am trying to find this child. I want to order some before it is too late."


"When are the city police and the SPCA going to do something about these people hitting these animals and keeping on going? My orange-and-white cat was killed Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. by someone in a pickup and he kept on going. He almost hit a child about two minutes before that. I had this cat for three years and now, I don't have it anymore. What are the police going to do, wait until this kind of person hits a child and kills the child?"

"I thought it was such a heart-warming story about the waitress that found those seven envelopes at that Chinese restaurant. That was so honest. Did she receive an award? That is so important and I was wondering about that. Please respond. Thank you."

"I am calling about the nursing homes taking your property away from you when you are in the nursing home and you don't have any more money. Please leave a response in Mail Call."

"Get rid of the stadium and take care of the streets with the snow removal. I drove through Funkstown and Williamsport - those streets are perfectly clear. Frederick Street, a direct route to the hospital, it is terrible. They don't remove the snow."

"I just wanted to say that I don't have snow angels, but I do have very nice neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey and Kerri Bates, who have shoveled my snow for several years now and I appreciate it very much."

"This is about parking, I am a 60-year-old woman who has cleaned no less than five separate parking spots down to the pavement during these last two snows. I don't save a space when I leave for work in the morning and, of course, when I get home there are no spaces. Who are the people taking these spots, the people half my age or younger, who don't lift a finger or refused to lift one shovelful of snow?"

"I want to thank Bud and Shirley Logue for plowing out my driveway, my paper boy for bringing my paper to my door and my sister and brother-in-law for taking me to church every Sunday. They are angels, not only when it snows."

"To Mr. Murphy at the Washington County Hospital. I am a patient of Cardiac Rehab and I go up there three times a week. Mr. Murphy, you should be very proud of the employees that you have in the parking garage and the shuttle bus drivers. They are just great, so give them an award banquet. They sure do deserve it after the way they handled things through all of this snow."

"I was reading where it said to set your tomato plants out before April 10. Shame on you if you do. You normally start your tomato seeds in the house. The last frost in Hagerstown, according to the Extension office, is May 10. I certainly wouldn't set my tomato seeds out. You are supposed to start them in the house."

"I read where someone called and said that they saw a man and a woman smoking in front of a school. If someone couldn't complain about someone smoking outside, even though they don't smoke themselves, why couldn't they find something else to complain about? Those people were not doing one ounce of harm to them."

"I want to thank the Hagerstown Water Department for the prompt work they did last Friday evening when the water line broke in the South End of Hagerstown. Thank you."

"I want to wish a happy 30th birthday to the most wonderful man in the world. His name is Eric. He is my world, my life and my best friend. Happy birthday, baby. I love you."

"To all the people who are still moaning and groaning about people taking your parking holes after you shovel them out. If you and your neighbors would get along all year, then you wouldn't have to worry about them taking your spot."

"Congratulations, Katie Shane, for making the honor roll. This is Pap."

"Reward offered for the return of our lost reddish-brown toy poodle puppy lost on Hampton Road, on Sunday, Feb. 3 at approximately 12:45. Please call 301-223-5175."

"A few years back, either on NBC or ABC, there was a show that aired. I think only once, but I'm not sure of the name. The show was of college students and the college was like a sports college with gymnastic, track, you name it. I remember someone had AIDS and there was a gymnastics girl, who was involved with her male coach. I would like to find out what it was called and what happened to the show."

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