Mail Call for 2/14

February 14, 2000

"I want to thank Michael Brown, he is a fifth-grader at Western Heights Middle School for the $13 he found in the bathroom and turned it in to Mrs. Burger. I wanted to thank him because that was my medicine money. Thank you, Michael, for being honest. I am glad you turned it in, because I would not have been able to get my medicine."

"To the sweet and lonely man at Park & Dine in Hancock with a group of men back in October. Did not get to talk to you then, please call Mail Call and leave your number, so I can call you. From the lonely lady with the pretty grey hair."

"I have a suggestion for Mayor Slayman and the Town Council, let's have a day declared to show our appreciation for a town of dedicated workers. Diane always gets our mail to us with a smile no matter what the weather. Our town workers removed the snow no matter how cold and do a great job. Our ambulance crew and firemen, Williamsport may be small, but with the people we have working to make our life better, we are bigger than New York."


"Is there any place at all that you can get the laws in West Virginia on divorce and child custody, along with what happens to women when they abuse the children and the law does nothing about it? Who can we contact?"

"Why do they have to plow snow in front of driveways on Lexington Avenue? Don't they know that there are senior citizens that live on this street?"

"I am a trucker that is especially concerned about the need for a traffic signal at Eastern Boulevard and Security Road. There is limited sight distance in both directions. It is a dangerous situation for all and obviously there is a speeding problem. I haven't seen a law enforcer here in quite a while, I think this would at least make this intersection a little safer."

"For the chirping electric smoke detector, remove the cover and vacuum the unit."

"I want to thank Bobby Thompson for removing the snow on Winter Street, so people would have a place to park. Thanks again Bobby."

"I am curious about something. We were wondering if anyone knows what happened to the sports announcer for Channel 9 news? We enjoyed him so much and all of the sudden he is not there. What happened?'

"I want to make a statement regarding the cost of fuel oil. It isn't just the senior citizens who have trouble paying these prices, it is everyone."

"I want to know why there are so many rude and inconsiderate car line cutters at Pangborn Elementary School? Why do you continue to do this on a daily basis?"

"Happy Valentine's Day to Tom, T.J. and Chance, I love you guys, from Mom."

"Let's face it, what is the real truth, how many parents would really restrict their children from watching just about any TV programs according to the ratings?"

"It was around New Year's, I lost my keys. It was on an angel key ring, no other identification other than that. Please call me at 301-733-5854 if you have any information."

"Tell the sports announcer on at 6 p.m. to slow himself down. You can hardly understand what he is saying because he talks so fast. If he has that much news, give him more time. Slow him down, please."

"For senior citizens, if you want to have your taxes done free, contact the senior citizens center in the Alexander House. They will do them free of charge."

"I want to wish my wonderful son a happy birthday on Feb. 13, who lives on Security Road. Hope to see you soon."

"I wanted to say thank you to the snow angels in the 900 block of Chestnut Street That would be Ray, Jeff and Buddy."

"I want to say sorry to my mom Pam for the way I have been behaving. I hope you forgive me. Love you Mommy."

"I was wondering if someone could call in with the correct date for the Leitersburg Peach Festival."

"Hi, this is Sharon from Smithsburg and Rick can write to me at P. O. Box 207, Smithsburg MD. 21783."

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