Franklin grant funds total just half of requests

February 13, 2000|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Requests for Community Development Block Grant funds from Chambersburg borough departments and community organizations total almost $500,000, but just half that is available in 2000, according to borough officials.

The borough is set to receive $303,000 in funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but once 18 percent is taken by the borough to administer the program, $249,000 will be left to fund requests from nine groups totaling $498,000, according to Borough Planner Gary Norris.

Norris said the borough is requesting $150,000 for its Housing Rehabilitation Program, which has helped renovate the homes of more than 80 low to moderate income homeowners in the past eight years. The request is three times what the program received in 1999.

Borough Recreation Department Director Herb Dolaway asked for $32,000 to replace playground equipment at the borough's eight playgrounds.

The following organizations also requested funding:

* The Chambersburg Community Improvement Association, $40,000 for its tutoring programs and a van.


* Downtown Chambersburg Inc., $20,000 for marquee, electrical and heating repairs at the Capitol Theatre.

* New Visions Inc., a program serving people with chronic mental illness, asked for $35,000 for a fire escape and other improvements to its building.

* Family Health Services of South Central Pennsylvania, a women's health care provider, $40,000 for improvements to its offices and to hire more clinical help.

* Leon Weiner & Associates, $50,000 for the $5 million King's Grant senior citizens apartment complex plans to build this year in the downtown.

* Financial Counseling Services, $10,000 for its Total Person Transitional Housing Program.

* Building Our Pride in Chambersburg, $61,000 to help it purchase a building for its youth programs.

* The Chambersburg Hispanic-American Center, $50,000 to continue providing educational and training programs.

The Borough Council will hold a second public hearing on the requests on Wednesday, Feb. 23, with a vote expected at that meeting. Community Development Block Grant funds have to be spent on projects that serve low to moderate income residents, renovate slums or blighted areas, or address some urgent need, Norris said.

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