Highlights of county delegation's plan

February 12, 2000

Here are the highlights of the Washington County Delegation's plan to pay down the county's water and sewer debt and finance economic development/tourism projects such as a minor league baseball stadium:

* The county's hotel-motel tax would double from the current 3 percent to 6 percent, generating an estimated $923,578 a year.

* Each of the municipalities would split 40 percent of the room tax, to be used for economic development and tourism projects of their choice. That would give the city of Hagerstown an estimated $283,353 annually for a new stadium.

* The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau would get 45 percent of the total room tax, capped at $500,000 a year.


* The Washington County Economic Development Commission would get 15 percent of the room tax, freeing up money for the county to put toward water-sewer debt reduction.

* The Gaming Commission funding formula would change, decreasing the amount going to charity by 10 percent.

* Fire and rescue companies would get a larger share of the gaming fund, which would free up more money for the county to put toward the water and sewer debt.

* The county would be required to put $400,000 a year toward reducing the $9 million pre-treatment plant debt, which is part of the county's $52.3 million water and sewer debt.

* Any profits from the pre-treatment plant would be used to stabilize and reduce water and sewer rates.

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