Mail Call for 2/11

February 11, 2000

"Why does the school board want to spend $4.25 million to remodel some places downtown? There is a problem with parking downtown now. If they move 200 to 250 people downtown, that would mean 200 to 250 cars, no where to park. When the university opens up, where are we going to park? All the businesses downtown should move now and put detour signs up during school hours, because the traffic will be terrible. They need to put that money into remodeling the schools."

"I am calling about the gentleman who hit the cat on Wednesday morning on West Washington Street. We have your tag number and the make of the truck. We already turned it in to the police and the SPCA. You didn't even stop. You almost hit a kid about two minutes later, crossing the road. You know who you are. It happened in the 600 or 700 block of West Washington Street around 6 or 7 a.m. We have four witnesses that saw and children that saw it. They can identify you."


"I am calling about the person who recycles newspapers at County Market and wanted to know who benefits from it. Well you should know if you are recycling. Everyone benefits from it. Who gets the money? Who cares as long as the recycling is being done."

"To all of my Daily Mail customers on Pennsylvania Avenue, Maugans Avenue, Orchard Hills and Petmar Circle area. I am sorry for any inconconvience of late delivery on Saturday, Feb. 5. It was caused by problems at The Herald Mail. I appreciate your understanding of the problem. I again thank all the people who gave Christmas tips and gifts at Christmas. I think that we owe the customers apologies for late delivery, although my papers were completed by 10 a.m."

"To the people who wrote in Mail Call about planting tomato seeds. You better hand set your tomato plants out before April 10, because if there is a last day of frost, the last frost is May 5 to May 10, and they will surely freeze."

"To all you men out there who are looking for a special gift to get your Valentine this year. Us women appreciate a little thank you and please after a well- cooked meal. That is all we appreciate, we don't always have to receive gifts. The best gift in the world is a man with a set of manners and one that appreciates you."

"In response to the caller's inquiry of the intersection at Security Road and Eastern Boulevard. I have a letter in my possession from the Director of Public Works Department stating that this project will be started in early spring. It was delayed due to bad weather, but he did assure me that this project is going to happen in early spring."

"Congratulations to James and Justin on their good marks on their report cards this year. Keep up the good work. Love Mom and Dad."

"I read in the paper about the cameras being put up to catch people going through red lights. We were sitting at the light on South Potomac Street. A police vehicle was in front of us, no emergency lights on, turned on red, no turn signal on and there was a sign that said 'No Turn On Red.' No other car was in sight, but he could have caused a bad accident. Some officers think that just because they are in a uniform and in the cruiser that they are allowed to do whatever they want, but they have to obey the law, too."

"I am so glad to see that cameras are being mounted at intersections. I only wish that they could be mounted on the Downsville Pike at 68 crossroads. You would be sending out lots of tickets then."

"I didn't think that you were allowed to smoke on school property. As I was leaving a ball game at North High on Wednesday evening, I saw a man and a woman standing at the main door smoking. I don't think this should be allowed."

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