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Support from the home front

February 10, 2000|By KATE COLEMAN

Mom's trip to the festival was 'just fun'

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Yvonne Thomson of Williamsport recently flew to Utah to experience the Sundance Film Festival.

"That is the most fun thing in the world," she said.

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Her daughter, Shelly Strong, is producer of "Other Voices," one of the films selected for the festival.

Thomson met two friends - one from Phoenix and one from Albuquerque - she's known since Shelly was a little girl when they all lived in Nebraska. The trio met in Salt Lake City and took a bus to Park City, Utah, and the Sundance Festival. Shuttle buses ran every 10 minutes until the wee hours of the morning.

Park City is not tinseltown Hollywood.

"Everyone dresses like they got their clothes at the Salvation Army," Thomson observed.

Everybody had a cell phone, and phones kept ringing everywhere, Thomson said. She and her friends had lunch at Zoom, Robert Redford's restaurant, but they didn't see him.


She had dinner with Rob Morrow, who has a role in "Other Voices." Morrow, who played Dr. Joel Fleischman in the television series "Northern Exposure," also has had leading roles in films, including "Quiz Show." "Those kids are so polite," she said.

People were so friendly, according to Thomson. She chatted with two young men who asked her what she was doing in Park City. When she told them about her daughter, both gave her their cards and told her they wanted to marry Shelly.

"Everything was just fun," she said.

Strong's former dance teacher not surprised by success

Lauran Clowser didn't know about her former student's film career, but she's not surprised. "That sounds like Shelly," she said.

Strong started ballet lessons in the first class Clowser taught. She was "tiny," about 6 or 7, and continued through high school, according to Clowser, director of City Ballet School in Hagerstown.

"She was an awesome little kid from the get-go," Clowser recalled. "She always had a great spirit about her." Clowser remembers Strong as pleasant, hardworking and a very talented little dancer. She was not a child who would take the easy path, Clowser added.

"This is fantastic. Man, I'm proud of her."

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