Letters to the Editor 2/9

February 08, 2000

Stop blocking progress in Morgan

To the editor:

I just returned from Charleston, W.Va., and talked with many of our representatives from other parts of the state. Many are thrilled to learn of the growth that the Eastern Panhandle is experiencing.

With all the growth taken place in Jefferson and Berkeley counties it seems like the residents of Morgan County are not getting their fair piece of the pie. Berkeley County has attracted several large employers to the county for its residents. They have also grown tremendously along the I-81 corridor. This growth has been progressive growth, but in Morgan County, we have two large independent employers, US Silca and Seely's. Why haven't our County Commissioners attracted new business to this area? Our roads continue to be outdated and over crowded, while other parts of the state are moving ahead with infrastructure.

Morgan County is in desperate need of the W.Va. 9 upgrade to a four lane and the Upgrade of US 522 to a four lane. With the completion of these two main arteries of Morgan County our area will flourish with new business ventures and more new homes. The completed four lanes will draw new business which will drop thousands of dollars each week back into the community to sustain the present small business owners. Public water and sewer in certain parts of Morgan County are a must.


We need to move ahead and secure federal and state grants and loans for the county to grow. Can we afford to wait another 10 years? No. We must elect men and women with vision. A vision to see the tranquility of the Town of Bath maintained and the county to grow to attract employers who will add to the quality of life for our citizens.

It is possible. I encourage each of you to go to the polls and vote this year for a man or woman who truly has Morgan County and its citizens at heart. Enough of special interest groups halting the growth of this county. Let's grow and in so doing attract jobs conducive for our area.

Sen. Robert Byrd has the citizens of this county close to his heart, but he cannot do anything with infrastructure as long as we continue to have select groups blocking his work. Also, Gov. Cecil Underwood has his people in his heart. He, too, desires to see U.S. 522 upgraded, as well as W.Va. 9. Let's support these leaders as they help our county grow.

Ronald C. Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Respect handicap parking spaces

To the editor:

I would like to respond to a letter to the editor several weeks ago concerning too many handicap-parking spaces. Until several years ago I had felt the same way, but when I started taking my sister in a wheelchair to doctor appointments, stores and shopping, I found out there were not too many spaces.

My husband is now handicapped and has a sign to use on the rear view mirror. When he goes to the Valley Mall he has to drive around a while to find a space. He only uses the handicap sign and space when he is getting out of the car. When he drops me off at a store he finds a spot other than handicap and waits for me to come out of the store.

There are persons who abuse these signs and spaces but they should be fortunate they do not have to use them. I know I consider my good health that I do not need them and count my blessings.

Josephine Miles


Moms are wasting my tax dollars

To the editor:

Regarding all the recent articles and commentary on the prevalence of unwed mothers in this area, I would like to add my perspective.

I'm not too concerned on judging or condemning their Jerry Springer set of morals. What bothers me is that they feel free to act irresponsibly and have the taxpayers foot the bill.

If they want to play grown-up they should live within their means, only have the number of children they can afford to pay for, and work one or more jobs like the rest of us responsible adults to pay for their chosen lifestyle.

In conclusion, I feel that these unwed mothers banking on the taxpayers to pay for their questionable choices is what I find so offensive.

Ralph Baker


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