Here's a scorecard of the winners and losers

February 05, 2000

Each town in Washington County would get money for economic development or tourism under the delegation's plan. Based on population, they would split 40 percent of the new 6 percent hotel-motel tax. Here's an estimate of what the towns would get annually, based on 1999 tax revenues:

Boonsboro - $20,688

Hagerstown - $283,383

Clear Spring - $2,955

Funkstown - $8,866

Hancock - $15,516

Keedysville - $3,694

Sharpsburg - $4,802

Smithsburg - $12,191

Williamsport - $16,254


Source: Washington County Delegation

Here's a scorecard on the winners and losers.


Water-sewer customers - Could see lower rate increases in future years as the debt is paid down.

Washington County Commissioners - Given a blueprint to deal with paying down the water-sewer debt. They also now have the state delegation pushing for the hotel-motel tax increase.

The county's eight smaller municipalities - Get an annual windfall of $86,000-plus to spend on economic development and tourism.

Hagerstown Suns - May be getting a new stadium, but will be asked to contribute private money to the cause.


Local charities - The county Gaming Commission will have $250,000 fewer tip jar dollars to hand out to nonprofits and the needy each year.

Hotel/motel owners - Most were already upset with a 2 percent hotel tax increase, saying it will make them less competitive with neighboring counties. Now the current 3 percent rate is to be doubled to 6 percent.

Convention and Visitors Bureau - Facing a future cap of $500,000 a year from hotel tax revenue.

No change

Volunteer fire and rescue companies - Will now get 50 percent, instead of 40 percent, of all tip jar money the gaming commission hands out. But the County Commissioners financial share to the volunteer companies shrinks by the same amount. Bottom line: It's a wash.

Economic Development Commission - Will get $138,536 a year from the hotel tax, but the County Commissioners' financial share to the business organization shrinks by the same amount. Bottom line: Ditto.


Stadium - Stadium supporters say they need between $12 million and $15 million to build a stadium and roundhouse museum complex. They hope they can get the additional $8 million to $11 million needed to supplement city and county funding from the private sector and the state.

Hagerstown City Council - Was hoping to get at least $320,000 from a tax increase and now it's projected at $283,000. Will the hotel building boom or private sector make up the difference?

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