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Feb 8 Freddie Prinze Jr.

February 04, 2000|By SEVENTEEN Magazine

For The Associated Press

Freddie Prinze Jr. reveals his idea of a dream date in the February issue of Seventeen magazine.

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"You gotta do something cheesy so you can laugh together. And it should be something that lets you maintain physical contact, like ice skating where you might slip and she'll have to help you up and you have a nice moment," the 23-year-old actor said.

Prinze barely knew his father, the comic/actor Freddie Prinze Sr., who committed suicide when Prinze was a baby. His father was the star of the 1970s sitcom "Chico and the Man."

"I've never done drugs or even smoked a cigarette because of my old man," Prinze said in the article written by Dennis Hensley. The loss of his father affected his entire life. "It hurt a lot growing up. As I got older, I sometimes became very angry because everybody I knew had an old man, except me."


Prinze is on the cover of Seventeen in a rose petal-strewn shot reminiscent of the new film "American Beauty." He seems headed for stardom. His film roles include "She's All That," "Wing Commander," "Down to You" and "Head Over Heels."

"I did a lot of fantasizing about cartoons and superheroes," Prinze said in the article. "I felt it had a lot to do with my being an only child. Other kids thought I was weird .... They called me names. Now, I do the same things and it's like, 'Oh, he's so artistic!' "

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