Mail Call for 2/4

February 04, 2000

"I want to thank my neighbor for being so kind to me. He not only got my car out of a snow drift, but is letting me keep my car in his driveway with his car, so I don't have any problem getting out now. God bless you, Chuck, for being so concerned and helpful."

"This is for the person who needed to know what to do about ringworm. There is an ointment that you can buy at any drug store called BlueStar and it works great on it."

"To the two snow angels at Edgewood Hill Circle who always clean the cars and parking spaces when it snows, we really appreciate it. Thank you, very much."

"I am not a farmer, nor do I have any relatives who are farmers. A friend and I were talking and he mentioned how they pay businesses to come into the area and give them tax breaks and incentives and yet, the farmers that we have here that have been farmers all their lives and hard workers, we do almost nothing to help them. If I was a farmer, I would unload whatever land I had to a developer and let the county suffer the consequences. We are not doing anything to want them to stay in the business. Someday when the farmers are all gone, we will see what they have done for us."


"I am responding to Mr. Easton's argument in the paper regarding the county funding for the YMCA. I agree that it doesn't seem fair that his business would not receive any tax advantages or funding. The businesses do seem similar, the key word there is similar. The YMCA has additional programs that I know that Mr. Easton's facility doesn't have, such as, child daycare programs, sports camps. As far as him saying it could wipe out private health clubs in the area, I don't foresee that happening. People that go to the YMCA are looking for a family oriented atmosphere, something that they can put their children in while they work out. Most health clubs don't offer that, they have a child care center and they are just occupied for a little while. But that is totally different than the YMCA. I think he needs to re-evaluate his opinion on that."

"I want to thank my snow angel, Johnny Carty, for keeping my driveway open. Thank you neighbor."

"I think Dustin Weaver had an excellent article in the paper about the Columbine tragedy. I think he has hit it right on the nose. I am so grateful to hear a teen with so many insights. I think the media has just exploited that situation. I am glad to see a teen with a brain, thinks clearly, no pants hanging down to his knees, not a dozen earrings up around his ears, not wrapping himself in chains and his hair is not cut in such a manner that it he looks ridiculous. I am grateful for that article."

"We would like to thank our snow angels, Ron and Henry for blowing the snow off of our sidewalk, driveway and away from our mailbox. Also, thanks to Charlie down on the next street for clearing our driveway out. You are a blessing to us. The Reeds."

"I want to congratulate our paper boy who delivers our paper in Cedar Lawn. Our paper boy is a World War II veteran in his late 70s. He is always out early on cold mornings to put the paper in the box and we really appreciate you, Nickie."

"To the people who are complaining about putting things in the parking spots. Why should you put things in them? If we let it open you will park your car there and let it there for three or four days. Please respond."

"I want to thank the Kershners on Broadfording Road, our snow angels, for keeping our driveway open and other acts of kindness. God bless you and thanks again."

"We would like to congratulate our sixth grade daughter, Brittany K. Jones, for being chosen as a star student with an excellent academic performance in math at E. Russell Hicks, for the second marking period. We love you very much, Mom, Dad and your little sister Amanda."

"I want to thank snow angels Mark Martens and Jerry Cunningham on Antietam Drive for clearing our driveway during the recent snows. Also, thanks Mark for being there whenever we need him, winter or summer. Thanks again boys."

"When is the city going to enforce the cleaning of the streets after a snowfall? Up here in the West End there are snow piles four or five feet high. The children when they walk to school have to walk in the street. This needs to be done."

"I have been reading about everyone putting chairs in parking spots and getting flat tires and stuff. First of all, we have millions of dollars to spend on a stadium, the city should use that money to haul the snow away like Williamsport does."

"I want to thank the people who clean out the mailboxes so that the mail people can get to them. Thanks a lot."

"Does anyone in Washington County do free tax preparation?"

"I want to give a special thanks to the postal employees, especially to the lady who works back in the bulk mailing unit. I don't think we know what it takes to land those letters in our mailboxes. Thanks so much."

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