Mail Call for 2/3

February 03, 2000

"I am a Hagerstown Suns fan and my children are looking forward to going to the games this year. The nice people who ran the ice cream and snowcone stand are there again this year. On the nights that they were open they were very polite and when they were closed, they were polite and said that they were closed due to rain."

"I am calling about a big black cat. There is someone that lives up here on 77, not too far from the intersection that owns this cat. I wish someone would call Mail Call and let me know who owns it."

"Please put an article in the newspaper about mothers feeding babies food that they can't chew. They choke on food that is not cut up fine enough. Please put an article in about choking for babies."

"I want to say a big thank you to Mayor Slayman and all the town workers for the wonderful job they did on the roads in Williamsport. To my snow angel, Ronnie Guessford, from the lady on top of the hill."


"To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reynolds of Greensburg Road in Smithsburg. I want to thank you for the much appreciated gift you gave me this weekend. It is nice to know that I am appreciated and thought of, especially in the all the terrible weather we have been having lately. Again, thank you very much for the gift. Your paper carrier, Sue."

"I am calling concerning this snow issue. My daughter has a daycare on North Cleveland Avenue. She went out and shoveled in front of her house, so her daycare mothers could get the children in. Also, her son is in a wheelchair right now, due to a serious operation. The people next door, there is a lady that doesn't live there and she parks her car there and doesn't move her car and doesn't leave my daughter a parking place. Also, my granddaughter, who lives on Frederick Street. She had someone remove the snow from her house and the neighbors, so nicely took over her parking place and she is eight months pregnant. I think people need to be a little considerate. Someone needs to get on this county about removing some of this snow."

"My name is Richard and I am a newspaper delivery person. I would like to say that I am sorry if I offended anyone for putting a thank you in Mail Call for Christmas gifts received. I did not intend on offending anyone by doing this."

"In response to the wood burning, I believe in burning old fashioned wood also. I used to live in a house that had a fireplace and I burned it also. However, my main concern is that the house out there should let the wood dry out before you burn it, it must be green or something."

"This concerns the new stadium. Now all of the sudden they don't know where the money is going to come from. I can tell you where, hang on to your wallets, taxpayers. There will be a substantial tax increase to pay for this mess."

"If the people who have the wood burning stoves had sinus problems, like some of us people have, you would not want this wood stove burning around you."

"To all the people who shovel out your spots and people park in there. There is one easy solution to this, shovel them right back in after they park there. That is how we do it up here on Mechanic Street. Just shovel the people in."

"I am calling about the South Hagerstown High School's Class of 1984, the 15-year reunion. I found out that a lot of people were not notified. I think it is a shame that it had to be canceled due to lack of response. I think that the committee was very unorganized and they didn't make the effort to contact the people they needed to do. They need to do a better job. Hopefully they will for the 20th reunion. Get it together, people."

"I want to thank my snow angel, my son Lester and his wife Jennifer for cleaning my driveway. I sure appreciate it honey and God bless you."

"For the grouchy people who treat their neighbors like dirt, I bet you would have liked to have had the help shoveling snow from your driveway."

"I want to wish my friend Robin Stone a happy birthday. She's 39. She was born on Groundhog's Day. Happy birthday to my best friend."

"In response to the individual who called in about umpiring in Little League baseball. For further information, call Denny Hockensmith at 301-416-2841 after 5 p.m. until 9 p.m."

"I want to thank my snow angel Craig Knight, he always keeps my driveway clean and I really appreciate it."

"I want to thank my snow angels, my grandchildren. My husband is in a wheelchair and my seven grandkids came and shoveled. I live on East Antietam. Grandkids, you know who this is from. Love you, from Grandma."

"In response to the caller who said to drill holes in the Pokmon balls to prevent suffocation. That may prevent them from suffocating, but what about them choking on it?"

"I just moved to Hagerstown and I know for a fact that none of my previous neighbors would have lifted a finger to help anyone. I was so surprised when I came home after both snow storms and found my driveway plowed and my sidewalk shoveled. I want to let the world know that there are some really great snow angels on Kuhn Avenue and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors."

"Good for you, Wally, Ramrod is the right word."

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