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Mail Call for 2/2

February 02, 2000

"Regarding the Washington County Schools. Now it wasn't so hard to cancel schools the night before. Now we knew what to do with our kids the following day."

"About the water on Md. 491. The only reason the Health Department doesn't want you to use that water is because it is free and that is why they keep putting the trespassing signs up. I had it tested and it is not contaminated. To my knowledge, I had it tested twice and it came back OK. I don't know what the Health Department is trying to pull, but it is clean!"

"About the neighbor who wrote the letter to his neighbor, I am her sister and she does accept your apology."

"When are the city police going to start doing something about these chairs and stuff in the parking spaces? There was a chair in a spot in the West End Sunday night and I picked it up and threw it into a trash pile. About an hour later this guy comes out and we exchanged a few words. I eventually parked my car there. Well this morning I came out and I had four flat tires. I don't think the cold air did it."


"When are we going to get a Popeye's Chicken place or a Value City department store? The nearest one is in Frederick, Md. I go there, but I have to travel to Frederick. We also need a grocery store in the West End."

"To my adopted dad, Willy, I missed your birthday, but I love you and happy birthday. I hope you have many more happy birthdays. Also, happy birthday from your adoptive grandkids, they love you, too."

"My snow angel is Brenda. She is a blonde that works at CVS on West Washington Street. She is a very nice and wonderful lady. She is very sweet, she is a cashier and she waits on everyone with a smile and treats everyone the same. She was really nice to me when I was going down there to get my medicine in the snow."

"I would like to commend some snow angels in our neighborhood on Wayne Avenue. The Andrew-Rice family who cleared off our walk. They cleared many sidewalks on the block. We really appreciate it."

"I want to thank my neighbor, Bob Warrenfeltz, for helping me up when I fell in the snow last Thursday. I was lying there for a few minutes. Also, thanks to the man who pulled over along Jefferson Boulevard and helped Mr. Warrenfeltz to get me up and back into my truck and home safely. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much."

"I want to thank my two snow angels, Richard Stotelmyer and Tom Lesley, for clearing our driveway last week on the 25th and 26th. They worked on it three times to get it cleared so I could get my husband up the driveway after being discharged from Johns Hopkins Hospital. Those two men are always faithful in keeping our driveway clear. Richard comes all hours, even in the middle of the night, to make sure it is clear. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

"People who leave their car doors open and leave their purses or packages inside, should know better by now. Take a little extra time to put your packages in your trunk and lock your car doors when you get out."

"Since 'summer of 99' and the work on reconstruction of the Fairgrounds. With long hot days, a lot of dust, noise and blasting, did anyone else in the East End, have a water main break? Was the break due to the construction? Whose water main will break next? Good luck!"

"Thank you snow angels on Vale Street. We appreciate all you have done. You are a blessing in disguise."

"I want someone from the city to respond to this. I want to know why it is, they feel that they have to give a ticket on a snowy day? The meters cannot even be reached, there is a foot of snow around the meter. I don't mind feeding the meter, but I am not going to feed it when I can't even get to it."

"I am an employee that has been working in downtown for about a year. I have always paid to park in either one of the lots or at a meter. I have never tried to cheat anybody, but I have gotten two tickets in the last week, because I parked in a lot that hasn't been plowed and the snow was up around the meter higher than my hips. You people should be ashamed of yourselves."

"I want to thank the street crews, all the staff and the city and let them know what a wonderful job they did during our two snow storms. Thanks so much, you did a fantastic job on all main streets and side streets."

"About the snow that piles up in front of the Alexander House. Nobody seems to care about us senior citizens who have to get out for doctor appointments and so forth. The sidewalks are OK, but the street is a mess. Please do something about it."

"I want to thank a snow angel on Georgia Avenue. His name is Raymond Montgomery. He has done a terrific job in helping out his neighbors. Thank you, Raymond!"

"I want to thank my snow angels, Jeff and Jason Hott and my Daily Mail carrier Mr. Gossard on Dam 4 Road. He is a very caring and dependable person."

"To the guy who left a message in Friday's Mail Call, he said he is a responsible person, but he didn't leave his age. I want to know your age. I am 29."

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