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Letters to the Editor

February 01, 2000

Again, Bartlett fails his district

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, businessman Howard McGinley asks, "I'm wondering if we don't have great little place in Western Maryland needing this kind of national press coverage?" (McGinley was speaking of the peace process held in Shepherdstown, W.Va.).

I want to answer McGinley with an unequivocal yes! Yes, Western Maryland is a great place! Yes, Western Maryland could have hosted such an event in one of our gems like Emmitsburg, Hood College, Mt. St. Mary's, Western Maryland College, Frostburg State or Rocky Gap!

But, where was our current voice representating us in the House of Representatives? Was he encoraging such an economic boon, was he actively involved in bringing prestige to our great district? No, he was not!


It is a new time, it is a new day, and it is time for a new voice to represent Maryland's 6th Congressional Disrict in the U.S. House of Representatives. Yes, Mr. McGinley, I would have worked hard to bring the economic boom and notoriarty to our great Western Maryland community!

John Ewald

Laurel, Md.

(Ewald is a democratic candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives).

Opportunity missed

To the editor:

I am amazed. The Herald-Mail just printed as Associated Press article, "Scholars examine the links between Buddha and Jesus," about ". . .America's two favorite Buddhist teachers, the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn."

I am amazed because the Maryland Correctional Institution just hosted a special seminar by Thich Nhat Hahn and, despite an invitation, The Herald-Mail did not see its way to send a reporter to cover a remarkable man and spiritual leader who has authored more than 80 books and done so many amazing things in his life that Martin Luther King nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize!

It's funny; more than 80 outside guests from around the United States and several foreign countries found their way to MCIH for this event, but the local newspaper got lost!

Douglas Scott Arey

MCIH #130196

I was healed by God

To the editor:

I had a wonderful thing happen in my life during the past summer which I believe is good material for a "Letter to the Editor." Please consider the following account of the dramatic event that occurred on Friday, July 30, 1999.

My wife Christine and I, are Christians with the firm conviction that nothing is impossible for God. On this date God miraculously healed me of a hearing problem that I was born with. You see, I was born deaf in my right ear. I'm presently in my '50s, and I lived with this condition all my life.

Christine and I had traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend meetings sponsored by Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of RHEMA Bible Training Center. Rev. Steve Parson of Richmond, Va. was the speaker on this morning and at the conclusion of his message, he stated that he was anointed to pray for anyone who was afflicted with deafness.

He prayed for several people, including me. I was the first person he prayed for and when he laid his hands on both sides of my head God instantly healed the condition that had been a part of me for my entire life.

As I indicated, my problem had been diagnosed by the medical community and confirmed on many occasions by doctors throughout my lifetime. This was a major miracle wrought by God. The wonderful thing about what happened in my life is that it can happen to anyone who has the faith to believe.

Many people don't realize that Jesus not only died that we might have eternal life, but also that we might be healed for our diseases and live our lives in good health. He wants us to have an abundant life here on earth.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this most blessed experience with you.

John W. Stone


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