Mail Call for 1/31

January 31, 2000

"I am a resident of the West End. I would like to thank the guy with the brown GMC pickup who plows the alley along 638 W. Washington and 20 Winter St. If he wouldn't plow it, we would not be able to get out. We live in the rear of the alley. I would like to thank him. We can't ever catch him, he plows so fast and then he leaves."

"If saving parking spaces with lawn chairs and such is against the law, then why doesn't someone do something about it when they see it? There is a lot of it going on on West Washington Street and in downtown Hagerstown. There is no place to park and if you take their parking hole, then they want to fight for it."

"I am calling about the lady named Theresa who lost her silver locket. Is it possible that you could have lost it in Townehouse Manor? I live in Townehouse Manor and people are talking and saying that they found a locket in Townehouse and they don't know if it is hers or not. Maybe you could call and describe it, hopefully this is it. I live in Building 50 and they said they found it around Building 60, close to the old learning center."


"We want to thank our snow angels Ronnie and Debbie Baker for clearing our driveway of snow. This act of kindness was greatly appreciated."

"In reference to the Pokmon ball recalls from Burger King. I just read that a 4-month-old baby suffocated. All you need to do parents is drill a hole in the top and bottom of each ball and there is no way your child can suffocate on it. Please do this."

"I want to thank my snow angel, she is Debbie at CVS for taking her time after work to deliver my mom's medicine. It just shows that there are people who care for the elderly when they are needed. God bless you Debbie and thanks, we appreciate it."

"I am calling about the lady who needed the coats and jackets for the homeless. If she would call back in and leave her number, I have five ladies' jackets, if she would be willing to pick them up."

"It is terrible for a child to be suspended from school for carrying nail clippers. I am an adult and I carry them in my purse and sometimes I go into the schools. I guess if I am caught, my desk sentence will be my fate."

"I can't see giving the mail carriers a tip. Have you any idea what they make an hour? I don't have the same one every time and I am sure that they make more than I do. I know they make a lot per hour."

"We found some keys with two electronic activators at City Park, over behind the Mansion House at the baseball field, in the snow. If anyone can identify them, give us a call at 301-582-2204."

"As your Daily Mail carrier in the Orchard Hills area on Jan. 25. Even with the snowstorm, I want to let the customers know that they had their papers delivered, dry and complete by 1:30. Thanks very much."

"I want to thank my snow angel, Judy Barnhart. I really appreciate her. She is really an angel. She brought me groceries, she shoveled my snow. She is an angel to everyone and God will reward her. Thanks, Judy, from Rosie."

"We would like to thank our neighbors, Jimmy and Jodi White for being our snow angels on Spruce Street. Thanks for always being there when we need you. Thank God for neighbors like you."

"I am trying to get a hold of a girl named Pam. I worked with her at the stadium and I wanted to see if she was coming back this year. I really liked working with her. She was nice and sweet."

"One phone call to Jamie, Donna or Judy of Williamsport. Indeed a snow angel appeared. Thanks to Jeff Long for what you did behind our house in clearing the snow. As you can tell, Jeff, we appreciate it. You know who we are. Thank you again."

"There is such a thing as ringworm or tapeworm. My sister had it, she went to the doctor and he gave her creams to put on it. The symptoms, a little ring type circle, it is red and looks like a rash around the ring. You will have to go to the doctor to get cream to get rid of it."

"I would like to give a special thanks to all the paper carriers in the Lakeside Estates area, old and young who have gone out of their way to be kind and to deliver on time. I have no complaints, I think they do a great job. Thanks, Mail Call."

"I want to thank the snow heathen who hit my parked vehicle at Robinwood Medical Center on Wednesday, Jan. 26. You didn't leave a note, the cameras are being scanned to find out who, what, where and when you hit my car. The law officials are looking very hard to find out that information. Perhaps you will do the right thing and turn yourself in."

"I have a question for the School Board of Washington County. Why do they make it hard to pass the G.E.D. test? When high school graduates, school teachers and bank employees couldn't answer, or do the problems in the test?"

"I have some children's clothes and women's clothes that I want to donate to someone who is willing to come pick them up. Leave your name and number in Mail Call and I will get in touch with you."

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