Get ready for the big melt

January 31, 2000

Sled rideBy KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI / Staff Writer

photo: JOE CROCETTA / staff photographer

Warmer temperatures and sunny skies Monday helped snowplow drivers by melting some of the 7.9 inches of snow that blanketed Hagerstown Sunday.

Monday's high reached 34 degrees and forecasters with the National Weather Service in Sterling, Va., were predicting even warmer temperatures - sunny and in the 40s - through Friday.

State roads in Washington County were clear on Monday, according to a spokeswoman with the Maryland State Highway Administration.

In Hagerstown the main roads were clear but secondary and side streets remained snow-covered, said Douglas Stull, city public works manager.


"We're in pretty good shape," he said.

Stull said melting snow wouldn't lead to flooding as the city's storm drains remain open.

He warned residents to be careful not to cover drains or fire hydrants when shoveling snow.

Ted Wolford, superintendent of the Washington County Transportation Department, said county roads were mostly clear Monday with slushy patches in some areas, he said.

County crews began plowing Sunday morning and did not quit until 3 p.m. Monday, Wolford said.

Wolford said he was concerned that the warm temperatures would melt a lot of snow, which would freeze overnight and create icy road conditions.

Lows this week are expected to be in the 20s, according to the National Weather Service.

Area snowfall in January is typically about 9 inches with highs in the upper 30s, according to Hagerstown Weather Observer Greg Keefer's Web site.

Hagerstown has received a total of 26.1 inches of snow so far this month and 26.2 inches for the winter season, according to his Web site.

Hagerstown police are reminding residents who park on the street that even after they dig their cars out, they can't place trash cans, chairs, or anything else in the space to reserve it for later. The spaces have to remain open for anyone and any items placed there will be considered abandoned property and subject to removal, police said.

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