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Mail Call for 1/25

January 25, 2000

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I am calling about the Health Department. I have been getting water there for the past 15 years and I don't care if you put signs up or not, I am still going to get it. What are you going to do, lock me up? Big deal, for water?"

"The staff, parents and students of Springfield Middle and Williamsport High Schools would like to take this time to thank Pamela and Jim Black of the Hagerstown Country and Western Dance Association for the two weeks they spent teaching the students dancing. We need more people like that, who would devote their time and not get paid for it. They should have been in the Williamsport section under Citizens of the Month. We are looking forward to seeing you again in December. Thanks again."


"I am calling about the thing in the paper about Jean at the Turnover Two Shop. She has a great shop and she is a very nice person. Her clothes are reasonable, she has name brands and she is a very neat person. Thank you."

"To all the judges here in the city. Why don't you stop putting people in jail that don't need to be in there and put the people in there that are a danger to society? For instance, put the cab driver in there that assaulted a girl. Stop filling our jails up with people that don't deserve to be in there and put the people in there that deserve it."

"Can someone tell me why someone can assault a retarded female and get a suspended sentence and no jail time and someone who gets caught drinking and driving, who could get handled a different way, get automatically put in jail? I am tired of my tax dollars paying for people to go to jail that don't need to be there, while the criminals walk the streets."

"This is Councilman McClure with regards to the sequencing of the traffic lights in town. I haven't been any happier than you have with that. I have filed numerous complaints with engineering about this. I got the word on Friday from Engineering that the state is finally finished hooking up their part of the sequencing and now the city within the next several weeks will complete their part of it. We should put all the lights back in sequence and hopefully we will all be a lot happier because of it. Thanks for your patience and we will get the matter taken care of soon."

"I was wondering where the house is in Leitersburg that is burning good old-fashioned firewood. There is nothing better than the fresh smell of wood burning. I would enjoy sitting on their front porch or back porch and smellng it. To the person complaining about it, you must be from the city."

"I am calling about the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant. I just went there on Friday. Everything was delicious, the people were very friendly and did a great job in welcoming you. I highly recommend it and if anyone else goes there, call Mail Call and let everyone know."

"To the people who are complaining about the kids getting the free meals, if that is all they have to worry about, then they should get a life. Let these little kids alone. I am very thankful that the government is feeding these little children."

"If anyone has lost a ring of keys in the vicinity of South Mulberry Street and the Washington County Hospital, if they would call 301-733-8572, I may have your keys."

"I am calling to find out if anyone knows where you can get reasonable prices for oil. It was 89 cents and now they are asking for $1.16. The colder it gets, the more money they ask for. They know the people have to buy it, so they just raise the prices. Shouldn't there be a law against this? If anyone knows of someone who is selling their oil cheaper, please put it in the paper."

"I know mothers and fathers both pay child support, but there is no reason why Social Services cannot get the checks out on time instead of two, three or four weeks behind. I still say something is wrong."

"I am calling to tell everybody who is looking for a great place to eat with great food, a great environment and great people. You need to go out to the Texas Roadhouse. It is in front of Martin's on Dual Highway. You need to go out there and check it out, it is nice. I have been there and I insist on everyone going out there and checking it out. I do believe that it is the best restaurant in Hagerstown."

"I am calling about the secondhand shop on North Mulberry Street. Someone wanted to know where it was located. It is located on the corner of North Mulberry and Fairground Avenue."

"I am a widow in Hagerstown. I want to know if there are any men in Hagerstown who doesn't say on the first date, 'my bedroom is the second door on the right?' If there are any decent men left in Hagerstown, please let us widowed women know."

"I lost a silver heart four-picture locket. I believe that I lost it at the McDonald's on Northern Avenue or on my way to Pangborn Elementary School. The locket has very sentimental value. It has pictures of my son Michael inside. Michael passed away in January of 1999. If found, please notify Theresa at 301-416-1953. I would like to have it back, no matter what."

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