Young singing trio develops faithful following

January 22, 2000|By MARLO BARNHART

Born out of a love of music and a joy derived from performing, a new Christian singing group has emerged in the Tri-State area.

Already a hit wherever they go, Childlike Faith could have a long run; after all, the oldest member is just 10 years old.

Joseph Bakner, 8, actually got the group going last fall. He has been joined by fellow Broadfording Christian Academy students, Sierra Litten, 10, and her sister, Ariana Litten, 6.

The name, Childlike Faith, was the brainchild of Joseph's father, Craig Bakner, according to Joseph's mom, Lesa Bakner.

The plan to form a group and sing in public was Joseph's idea.

"When I was about 5, I was listening to the radio and an opera came on," Joseph said. "I really liked and began to sing all the time."


Soon Joseph found it wasn't enough to just sing at home, in the shower, and on the lawnmower.

Singing at school was a good outlet for his enthusiasm, and that's where he came up with the idea to include Sierra Litten in his little group last fall and they began performing in public.

It wasn't long before Ariana joined in and the group really got rolling.

"I started with the group at Christmas time," Ariana said. "I really like performing, but sometimes I get bored just practicing."

Last Sunday, Childlike Faith performed at the Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Williamsport. By all accounts, they were a hit.

"We videotaped that performance," said Lesa Bakner, so others who might be interested in having the group perform can see how good they are, she said.

There is also a homemade audio tape demo available for anyone wishing to hear the group.

A number of appearances at nursing homes during the holidays were also well-received. Now that flu season is here, those performances may be curtailed until spring.

The singing came naturally for Sierra, who said she and her sister have always had a musical leaning.

"Every place we go, we'd make up a song," Sierra said. "It is like a game."

Sierra and Ariana are the daughters of Curtis and Rhonda Litten of Greencastle, Pa.

Joseph, who said Charlotte Church is his favorite singer, would like to sing professionally someday. Ariana and Sierra agreed it would be a great way to make a living.

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