Mail Call for 1/21

January 21, 2000

"I am calling about the comments in the paper about the spring water on Md. 491. I have been getting my water there for the past five years and the water is clear. I don't care what the Health Department says, there is no bacteria in there and just because it comes out of the wildness, that is why they are saying you can't drink it. The Health Department has an excuse for everything, first it was lead paint, then smoking and now the water. Next it is going to be sleeping. They are going to have something wrong with you sleeping. They always have something to complain about, but when you need help from them, they don't want to help you. If we are not getting sick off of the water by now, then we are not going to get sick now. Just because the water is free, they don't want us to drink it."


"Something happened to me on Jan. 14 that really disturbs me the more I think about it. My dog got loose about 9 a.m. and ran onto Virginia Avenue at Sheetz. My dog was hit by a vehicle and took off. I didn't see my dog get hit and I would not have know if someone would have told me. My dog came home and just laid down, which is really unusual and out of character for my dog. Two people then told me that she got hit by a car. So I took her to the vet. To the person who hit her, don't you have a heart? If that would have been a child, would you have kept on going. To me there is no difference. Were you late for work or something or just afraid of having to pay a vet bill? I would have asked nothing of you, just for you to be humane enough to let me know you hit her. Her getting loose was an accident, just like you hitting her was an accident. She is a black and white Siberian husky, with blue eyes and she was wearing a leash at the time. Anyone with any information and could help me in this matter can call me at 301-730-7052."

"Congratulation to Dr. Spencer on your recent retirement. May you and your family be blessed with many years of good health and happiness. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement to the fullest. Dr. Spencer was our physician for 31 years, he was caring and always willing to listen. He will be missed, God Bless."

"To the person who was complaining about free breakfast for every child in this country. Well I guess he hasn't done his research, because the only way you get a free breakfast is if you have an Independence Card, food stamps or something like that. Other children have to pay for their breakfast."

"About the second hand shop on Mulberry, where at on Mulberry? I know the one on Fairground and the one on Wayside. But I never knew about the one on Mulberry. So call in and let me know where it is on Mulberry."

"Can someone explain to me, I thought that there was a law that passed where you couldn't smoke in restaurants and stores. But yet I was at a restaurant Wednesday morning and I saw them smoking in there and it didn't serve liquor, it was just a plain ordinary restaurant. So was that law ignored or didn't they pass it? Could I have been dreaming that this law was passed? Someone let me know."

"To the person so concerned about the markings at the mall. They are wrong, besides the stop signs all the lanes are marked with arrows. If you can't follow the arrows, you shouldn't be driving."

"To the person who wanted to get rid of the cassettes tapes. You can call 301-790-0452."

"In response to the Department of Social Services and them not getting the child support checks out. Please re-phrase this, it is not just fathers who pay for their children, some mothers pay also."

"I am calling about the person saying 'Hagerstown is still filthy, dirty and disgusting.' I have lived here for 16 years and I don't have a problem with it. If it is that bad, then maybe this time when you leave, maybe you shouldn't come back."

"I am the owner of the second hand shop on 22 Wayside Ave. First of all I would like to apologize for my unposted business hours. I am glad that the Mail Caller was able to point that out. I can't speak for the lady who runs the one on Mulberry. I have now posted the hours. I apologize to my customers for not being able to be there for them. I have had the flu really bad and I am just down like everyone else. I am the only one working the shop and it makes it difficult to be sick and work a business, too. So I do apologize to my customers for the inconvenience. On behalf of the person who called in about this situation, I want to thank them for the free advertising. Some people didn't know I was here and now they do."

"To the person who called in and said they wanted to know why the divorces weren't in the paper. Well, not everyone wants it to be known that they are getting a divorce. Getting married is something wonderful and yes, who wouldn't want to share with the whole world. But getting a divorce is not something they want to share with the world."

"I live in Leitersburg and I was wondering if anyone out there notices also, that there is a house out here that when they light their fireplace it smokes up the entire town? I was wondering why when I wake up in the morning my whole house smells like smoke and when I go outside it smells like smoke. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Please call in and let me know."

"My husband and I are trying to find someone who will shovel snow for us at this time of year. We tried all evening to locate someone on North Locust Street and the surrounding area, Broadway and Wayside. We live in a half of a duplex. Neither one of us are able to do this. Please call in and leave your phone number and we will contact you. Any young man who would like to make some extra money."

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