Mail Call for 1/19

January 19, 2000

"I live in the West End and I was wondering if we could get a bigger grocery store. All we have is two little small stores and half of the time they aren't open or don't have what you want. Some of them don't accept the Independence Card. Since the West End Key Market was demolished, someone needs to build another grocery store."

"I am calling to see if anyone knows a place where you can get rid of cassette tapes? The flea markets and pawn shops don't want them. I have about 400 or 500 of them I want to get rid of. I also have cassette holders that hold about 40 tapes."

"It is about time that the County Commissioners in this county start running this county themselves like they are supposed to be doing, instead of letting people run it that are not elected by the people. They can start by eliminating the public works director and the county administrator. They are both a waste and we are paying darn near $200,000 a year for their salaries. By cutting back on that type of thing we can get rid of this $143,971,000 debt that we have, by doing that, it would mean stop spending! That would also mean eliminating some engineers that we don't need."


"I was reading about the traffic pattern at the mall and a person said all you have to do is read. Well, that is not true. It goes a lot deeper than reading. It is really messed up. The reading part only says stop. You still don't know which way to go or which lane is which."

"Maybe if some of the people who are criticizing John Rocker would make a trip to New York and ride the subway, like I have, they would see that a lot of the things that he says are not false, some of them are true."

"To the people who live on the corner of South Street and Sycamore Street in Hagerstown. Thanks for making the South End of our town and the neighborhood look very nice for Christmas. You are very spirited in decorating your house. Your yard always, summer, winter, spring and fall, always looks so nice and clean. Thanks for letting our neighborhood look so good with your outstanding yard work. Thanks and keep doing a good job."

"To all of the people who are still getting their water up at Md. 491 in Smithsburg. If you would have called the Health Department, you would have found out that there are three kinds of bacteria in that water. One kind can cause congenital defects. They have also found a lot of animal waste in the water. If you want to go around with worms in your belly, that is your problem, but I sure won't."

"I see the marriage licenses are in the paper again. But what is happening with The Herald-Mail that they are not putting divorces in the paper? You mean nobody is getting divorced? Well ,that's great, but we would like to see the ones that do get divorced."

"There is something that I don't understand. Why are they continuing to talk about this church bulletin lawsuit? That is old news and I wish these people would just let it die. It is a shame that we have to continue to hear about this story over and over again."

"I wanted to congratulate the Alexander House for their 20th Anniversary last month and I just wanted to say congratulations to the staff and all of the people who kept this place in order. Twenty years is a lot of time and maybe it will be many many more."

"I want to congratulate all of the MVAL women's shot throwers. They were not mentioned in the paper, especially Jacey Bayer of North Hagerstown High School took first place with a throw of 35 foot and 1 and a half inches. I wanted to congratulate her and all of the other participants that were not mentioned in the paper."

"I am calling in regards to the class of 1984 South Hagerstown High School's 15-year reunion. The Reunion will be held on Jan. 29 at the Howard Johnson's Hotel, 6 to 11:30 p.m. If you wish to inquire and have not received your invitation, it is $20 a person to attend the reunion. Please forward a check payable to the South Hagerstown High School Class of 1984, in the amount, with your name, address and phone number where you can be contacted, to 401 Village Place, Hagerstown, Md. 21742."

"My name is Rich and I was wondering if the County Commissioners have ever read anything about the Constitution of the United States. In 1776 it was written for the people and by the people. They don't seem to obey that, they do what they want to do, people do not have a choice. In the Declaration of Independence, you are supposed to have freedom of choice. So read it!"

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