Mail Call for 1/14

January 14, 2000

"I am calling regarding the Washington County School Board. How come they are not allowed to give aspirin to your child, after you give them permission? They need a statement from their doctor. You mean to tell me that we have to go to the doctor every time they get a headache? It is kind of ridiculous that we have to do that. Why should we have to drive two miles to the school every time they get a headache. They don't make sense."

"At Northern Middle I have one child who came home and told me that there wasn't any soap in the bathrooms. This is flu season. What is wrong with this picture? Other parents, call your schools!"

"The St. Andrew's Low Impact Aerobics Class is being held every Monday night and we are there at 5 p.m. They are welcome to come anytime."

"I was wondering if someone can tell me when that second- hand shop on Wayside Avenue is open? There are no hours posted. I have been there several times and they are never open. The same with the one down on Mulberry that used to be the Turnover Shop. I was wondering if someone could tell me if they are open or completely closed up?"


"I need help understanding something. My children have off school on Monday, Martin Luther King's birthday. But they do not get off for Veterans Day. The veterans fought for our country. Can someone help me understand this some more?"

"I am calling to put in a phone number where a person can be reached to buy Girl Scout cookies. The sale will be going on until Jan. 20. That is the deadline for ordering. The number is 301-739-2464."

"Why can't senior citizens of Hagerstown get discounts on their property taxes from the City Council? It just doesn't seem fair."

"Thanks to the several people who helped me after I fell in front of Dutch Kitchens. I could not have gotten up without your help. I was not hurt, thank the good Lord."

"In regards to the man who is looking for the light bulb for the Lite Brite. I bought a Lite Brite for my child for Christmas and I use a standard night light bulb or the candle bulbs that you put in your windows at Christmas. I hope you take my advice, because it works."

"To the guy who was looking for the light bulb for the Lite Brite, I got my son a Lite Brite for Christmas and I went to Lowe's asked a gentleman for help and he showed me the light bulb section. It says on the box that you have to use candelabra light bulbs, so he showed me a pack with two of them in it for only $1.69. Go to Lowe's the people are friendly, just tell them what you want and they will give you what you asked for."

"Why does it take two people to read a water meter? No wonder we are $53 million in debt. Could we be overstaffed?"

"To the person who said women should watch out for their husbands meeting other women on the Internet and leaving their marriage for them. It sounds to me that his needs and feelings were ignored in the first place. If you want to be in a loving and lasting relationship, don't just look at your own. Men and women are different and so are their needs. Don't push the blame on the other or find excuses and ignore your mate. People on the Internet are only looking for someone who understands, will listen and learn about needs, other than your own. Think about it, if you are both in a happy and loving relationship in the first place, they sure wouldn't be looking somewhere else. God made us to love and to give to others, not just ourselves. When you give love, you will receive it back."

"To the person in the West End in the 600 block of W. Washington St. and is looking for Girl Scout Cookies. There is a number in Wednesday's paper, 301-791-5686. You can call and place an order for the cookies."

"In response to the Christmas cards, send them to Bester School. They are getting ready to send a big box off to St. Jude's Ranch for Children. I am a teacher and I would appreciate it if you could put second grade on there, we are doing a fund-raiser."

"I agree with the crazy traffic patterns at the mall. They really should have designed that better. Also, I love The Herald-Mail, but I am so tired of seeing pictures of people with dead deer. Deer are not meant to be killed by hunters. They are beautiful. Plus we don't want to see wrestling in the paper."

"This is Mary and I am a Junior Girl Scout Troop Leader and I am calling in response to the messages in the paper. We are currently holding our cookie sale, it runs through Jan. 22 and I will be glad to take anybody's order and I will deliver the cookies when they arrive in March. My number is 301-745-6435. We raise the money to take our girls on a summer field trip."

"I am calling regarding the Girl Scout cookies in the West End area. My daughter is a member of the Brownie Troop 226 and she is selling them right now. If you are interested in buying them now, she can be reached at 301-733-8847, her name is Ashley. We are usually home in the evenings."

"I'm writing this letter to the readers of The Herald-Mail alerting them to 'hood ornaments' being removed from the front hoods of vehicles. The person or persons doing this are a professional at what they do. My ornament was removed from a public area on a Saturday between 6 and 7 p.m. while having dinner, without even a scratch on my vehicle. The ornament is 'spring attached' and it appeared to me it was removed using a 'needle nose' type tool as the ornament is moved to a position so the tool can cut the metal rod holding the ornament in place. If anyone sees these ornaments being worn around a person's neck as a necklace and you are the parent of this person, supervisor at work, coach, teacher, etc., you might want to respectfully ask them how they acquired this type of item. The 'ornaments' are not something that are purchased in a store, but must be ordered from the manufacturer of the vehicle and cost $75 and up."

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