Mail Call for 1/12

January 13, 2000

"Regarding the Fairgrounds. I believe that those two buildings should be demolished. The one is about ready to collapse any minute. Everything else is gone at the Fairgrounds, they should be, too."

"I am trying to get a hold of someone who is selling Girl Scout cookies and they sold calendars and stuff in the West End. I used to buy the calendars and the cookies, but nobody comes to my door anymore. I live in the 600 block of West Washington. So someone please put the number in Mail Call."

"I am calling about the Circulation Department at The Herald- Mail Co. Rhonda and Melissa are two very nice people. Everytime my paper is late or it doesn't show up and I call they always try to find out what is going on. They are real sweethearts. They try to go out of their way to help you."

"My husband and I were having a discussion as to why New York is called The Big Apple. Can someone call into Mail Call and let me know the answer?"


"This is to the parents of those precious children who had to live in such deplorable conditions. The parents should be made to live like that for a while, no going out at any time."

"I want to thank my two goodwill givers, they are Alice and Clyde, who prepared a wonderful Christmas dinner for me on Christmas Day."

"To the man who I spoke with at Wal-Mart on Monday, Jan. 3, in the light bulb section. You were looking for a light bulb for your child's Lite Brite. I am sorry that we couldn't locate the one you needed. After you thanked me, I tried to track you down to tell you to check a Lite Brite toy in the toy section. There must be a description on the box. You were a very sweet and kind man, your smile picked me up for the day. I wish there were more men like you in this world. Maybe we'll will run into each other again at Wal-Mart. I am there most Mondays during my lunch break."

"The reason there is no seat belts on the bus. I know, of all the children on the big long bus and if something were to happen like a jam up or a fire or accident, who would get all those children out? Some would be able to get out and some wouldn't be able to get out. The bus driver will not be able to do it all themselves. I think this would be a big entrapment. It would be a terrible, terrible thing. There are some seat belts for the children who cannot stay in their seats. Stop and think about it."

"To the gentleman that had the two small garbage bags of Matchbox cars. I will be interested in looking at them and telling you what I thought. I collect some of them. My name is Eric and my number is 301-797-4514."

"I am curious, who made up the traffic pattern around the mall? If someone is not going to get killed there, I will be surprised. The FSK Mall in Frederick, Md., is the same way. Nobody has a clue as to when to go, when to stop and when the traffic pattern is moving, all of a sudden you stop because you have another street entering into your place of driving and it just doesn't make sense."

"For the one who wanted to know where to send used Christmas cards. You can send them to St. Jude's Ranch for Children, 100 St. Jude Street, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005. They just want the front part of the card for the pictures."

"In reference to them taking the cabby stands away from downtown. I want to know why we have to take them away? For years we only had one major cab company and there was never anything said about it. Now we have two cab companies, one of which just started. Now they are complaining about them loafing in the square. Now they are complaining about the trucks turning onto South Potomac Street. Why didn't the cabs complain about the trucks interfering with their cabs sitting there? I want to see them stay because there are a lot of older people that use that cab stand and businessmen that use it. Please don't take it away."

"I want to know how someone living in the homeless shelter or cold weather shelter is able to get $125 worth of food stamps when they have absolutely no access to cooking any of the food that they are able to get? If they are getting meals, breakfast, lunch to go and a hot meal at dinner time, why are they getting the $125? No access to a stove, refrigerator, no pots or pans. So basically they use those food stamps to sell for whatever they want or to eat cheap, which is costing the government an awful lot of money. So why are these people eligible for food stamps?"

"Do you have an investigative reporter who can help us people who are looking to have the stadium and the roundhouse built? Can someone put in the paper how much Frederick, Md., got when they built Harry Grove Stadium? How much state, local and private money was put into that stadium?"

"Can you believe what they are doing to this little Cuban boy in Tampa? This is a stunning violation of parents' rights."

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