Mail Call for 1/7

January 07, 2000

"I am calling about the Bradford Learning Center and I was wondering why it was closed up? My daughter's grades are really going down and she misses the center and misses the staff. Maybe the readers know a place where they can open back up. Maybe they can call the principal at Pangborn Elementary. The children loved it and we hope they can open it back up. We miss the staff, especially Theresa, Mary, Phyllis and Angel. She was the volunteer for the school. Maybe the County Commissioners and the School Board can get together and work something out. About the Baldwin House, I think they should tear it down and rebuild it. They could make the classrooms the way they want them and possibly have more parking."

"I would like to say happy New Year to everyone. I would like to know if you need to put something in the butterfly boxes to attract the butterflies? A friend of mine got two of them for Christmas and they are beautiful."


"I am calling about the bird droppings and the birds flocking in the vicinity of Church Street between Church and Bethel on Jonathan. Why not just cut the trees down? Get the city out there to clean up that mess. It has a terrible odor when you drive by there and you can't even walk on that side of that street. Why don't they just cut those four big trees down?"

"In Tuesday's paper, there is an article about a pre-treatment plant that was built and is now accepting waste from Canada and as far south as Georgia. I am wondering if any of this can lead into our water system? Do we really need to have everyone's waste come into Washington County, just so the white elephant can make a profit?"

"Those TV psychics know how ridiculously gullible people are and that is why they don't care if they rip people off."

"I am wondering why people brag so much? I work at a place that pays good money and there is unlimited overtime. Fifty percent of the people, that is what they live for, overtime and bragging about how much money they made last year. Who cares, I guess that they have to make all that money to pay for everything that they are in debt for. If they had to work 40 hours a week, they probably wouldn't make it."

"Parents, are you teaching your children manners and how to respect their elders, or are you just releasing on society another unneeded juvenile delinquent? Please take the time."

"I just read Tim Rowland's year end summary and I say Rowland for mayor. He will eat the birds before or after the University of Maryland uses them."

"I am calling about the 50 gallon drums of kerosene. You can call me at 301-842-3717."

"I would appreciate it if there is a Girl Scout in the Williamsport area selling the Girl Scout cookies, if you would put your number in Mail Call, so I can buy some."

"I am calling about the 50 gallon drums of kerosene. I am very interested in this. Call me at 301-432-4523."

"Horseradish and vanilla ice cream makes an excellent cough remedy."

"I am calling in response to the kerosene. If you still have it, give me a call at 301-432-6977."

"Charlie Reese is right as usual, throw the foreigners out."

"To the person who has the kerosene, give me a call at 301-791-9360."

"This is a mom of a girl who goes to E. Russell Hicks Middle School and her purse was stolen. A boy is being held responsible for it and he only got two days of in-school suspension. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a boy that has a Barbie talking diary, a necklace with half of a charm on it that says Friends. A Pokmon skateboard. If you notice your kids with these items and they didn't have them before, contact E. Russell Hicks."

"I am calling concerning the kerosene, call me at 301-393-5783."

"Does anyone know who to call about the 15-year class reunion for 1984 class of South Hagerstown High School? There was an address in the paper about a month and a half ago where to send your name for an invitation. I sent my name in about a month ago and I haven't heard anything since. Does anyone know who to get in contact with about this reunion."

"I want to say thumbs up to the lady who stood up for her rights at the Health Department. It is time that people start saying that enough is enough. Smokers do have rights."

"I am calling about the kerosene, my name is Dennis and my number is 301-223-5072."

"For all of you folks who are against building a new stadium and who buy scratch-off lottery tickets. Repeat after me, I am a hypocrite. Why? Because every scratch-off ticket you buy goes towards paying off the bond for publicly funded stadiums built in Baltimore."

"The guy looking for hot dogs, he missed it, the best hot dogs in Hagerstown were the Majestic downtown, and now they are gone. The only thing I can think of is that Freddie's used to have the recipe for Majestic, but I don't know if they do now."

"This one is for the powers that be, when you set those fire crackers or air guns off, how about visiting the first block of North Mulberry Street."

"In June of 2000 will be the 10- year mark for the graduating class of 1991 from South Hagerstown High School. I never got any information on the five-year reunion and I was wondering who to contact to get information on the 10 year one."

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