The damage so far

January 05, 2000

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Sunday, Oct. 24

* At approximately 2 a.m. a home along W.Va. 1 between Middleway and Summit Point, W.Va., burned to the ground. Ruled arson.

* Around 4 a.m. a cabin on a road grader owned by the West Virginia Division of Highways was burned along Kabletown Road. Ruled arson.

* Around 5:30 a.m. an undetermined accelerant was used to start a fire near the front door to an unoccupied mobile home off Arden Nollville Road. Ruled arson.


* While firefighters were putting out the blaze at the Arden mobile home a fire was intentionally set on the porch of a nearby house. Ruled arson.

Wednesday, Oct. 27

An afternoon fire engulfed an unoccupied trailer home on Potomac Boulevard in Potomac Park Estates. The trailer was a summer residence for its Washington, D.C., owners. Ruled arson.

Monday, Nov. 1

Around 2:30 a.m. a fire damaged a home at 329 Boyd Ave. in Martinsburg. Two Martinsburg City Police officers entered the burning home and rescued two young children trapped on the second floor. Ruled arson.

Tuesday, Nov. 9

A fire that started shortly before 4 p.m. completely destroyed an unoccupied trailer home on Potomac Boulevard in Potomac Park Estates. Like a neighboring trailer home destroyed by arson on Oct. 27, this trailer home was a summer residence for its owners. Ruled arson.

Saturday, Nov. 13

A 2:43 a.m. suspicious fire at 211 E. Liberty St. resulted in the deaths of three children. Corey Howard, 3, died later that night from smoke inhalation and complications from the heat of the fire. His older brother Mason, 4, died Nov. 17 and Corey's twin sister, Brandi, died Nov. 18.

The children's mother, Sara Howard, escaped injury by climbing onto a roof.

Sunday, Nov. 21

Shortly after 7 p.m. a vacant mobile home near Harranda Acres mobile home park was destroyed by a suspicious fire.

Wednesday, Dec. 29

At 10:16 a.m. a suspicious blaze destroyed a trailer on Washington Street in Darkesville that was being used for storage.

Friday, Dec. 31

A 4:51 a.m. fire destroyed a 317 S. Church St. house in Martinsburg and damaged a neighboring house and car. Ruled arson.

Sunday, Jan. 2

A 4:28 a.m. fire burned 60 to 65 round hay bales on a farm on U.S. 11 north, almost a mile north of Berkeley Plaza. Ruled arson.

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