Thumbs up, thumbs down

December 31, 1999

Thumbs up!To all of the fire/rescue and law enforcement agents who worked extra-long shifts last night, in anticipation of millennium-related terrorism. Thanks for being on duty.

Thumbs up!To all the banks, utilities and other essential service companies which brought employees into work last night, to fix any last-minute problems related to the so-called "Y2K bug." Too often we take such folks for granted.

Thumbs up!To the eight candidates seeking four open seats on the Washington County Board of Education. The pay is peanuts, but the responsibility is immense. Thanks for your willingness to serve.

Thumbs up!To Harry Grandinett and his family, who ran the 'Round the Square coffee shop for five years, during which Grandinett served on numerous committees dedicated to improving the center city. We'll miss you, Harry.


? ? ?To Norman Hardy Jr., who pleaded innocent to drug charges in Brattleboro, Vt., then listed his occupation on an application for a public defender as "selling drugs." Come again?

Thumbs up!To Trinity Lutheran Church of Hagerstown, for its decision to donate $78,900 raised to improve its downtown facilities to five charities, including the Community Free Clinic and the REACH cold weather shelter.

Thumbs up!To the Turner's Taxi Company of Hagerstown, for providing free rides to inebriated New Year's Eve revelers for the past 20 years. No doubt in our mind: Lives have been saved.

Thumbs down!To the American Civil Liberties Union and the Maryland Human Relations Commission, for continuing to badger the Hagerstown Suns over a promotioin providing a discount for those with church bulletins. This can't be the most urgent case they have.

Thumbs up!To all of those Tri-State area citizens who spent the last 100 years making the region what it is now. The comfort we enjoy today was made possible because of their hard work.

Thumbs down!To the U.S. Army, for insisting that Washington County can develop 200 to 250 acres at the closed Fort Ritchie base near Cascade. The only problem is the land they're offering is either in an historic district or a wetland.

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