Mail Call for 12/30

December 30, 1999

"Does Christmas really mean who can put up the biggest and most expensive display on their house and yard decorations? Also the wildest party in the name of Jesus?"

"If I am not a football fanatic, will I go to heaven?"

"A request to those responsible for putting the sports page together. Is it possible to include the box scores for the Junior Basketball League somewhere else instead of on the page in back of the articles? I tried to cut them out, but it kind of messes it up."

"My name is Dennis and I just moved to Hagerstown. I moved here from Chicago. I enjoy reading this section of the paper. How come there is nowhere you can get a hot dog in this town? I am from the town that lives off of hot dogs. When I work in downtown, I don't feel like spending $13 or $14 dollars for lunch. I would rather just buy a hot dog. I can't seem to find anywhere in this town that sells hot dogs."


"I want to comment on the fact that dogs are not allowed in City Park. Everytime I go there, I see dogs on and off leashes. Why can't people follow the rules? That is just one of the rules that is broken there."

"I am calling about the people who go to these large stores. When they come out with a basket, they take their things to their car, they leave the basket in the lot to run into someone else's car. I hope someday that it runs into their car and dents it all up."

"In regards to the tenants' heat at Potomac Towers. I have been here for eight years, I have plenty of heat. I have heard that it is harder to heat the end of the building apartment and it depends on whether you are in the old or new part. We control the thermostats individually in each apartment. Maybe the problem is with their thermostat. Call maintenance, they would be glad to check it."

"I wonder how the City Council, the mayor and the citizens of Hagerstown are going to feel if NBC Nightly News does a piece called, 'Hagerstown, Living in the Bottom of a Bird Cage.' This town is an awful mess. The grape extract or whatever it is isn't working. They better do something about it before we hit the national media attention. Then nobody is going to want to visit here or move here."

"I think it is good for the family who is stocked up. I do that every summer and always have. To the person who said what about people who cannot afford to do that. These people put a lot of time into canning these things. Many people wouldn't think about taking that much time to do it. They want quick, easy and expensive. You can save a lot of money by canning your own. We would have a lot less so-called poor people if we would do this. Did you ever get behind a young woman with an Independence Card and see the prepared and expensive food that they have in their cart?"

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