Mail Call for 12/24

December 24, 1999

"The newspaper says to encourage your children to read a newspaper every day. I agree that if there was one around, and a child wanted to read it, then a child may just read some of it. There are so many parents with a house full of children that won't buy a newspaper, yet they would rather spend that money on a gooey pizza."

"Is America getting so godless and greedy that our stores must open at 7 a.m. on Sunday? Whatever happened to our Blue Laws? Our once-Christian country seems to be wide open to greed and dope peddlers. Thank you."

"I would like to give a special thanks to the Church of Christ on Whitehall Road for a beautiful and realistic nativity scene. It was a great job. Thanks a lot. Bye."

"Hi. I'm calling to seek help on somebody that, hopefully, may have seen my wife and her car parked along Md. 66 on June 19, 1999. Due to an illness - it's a 2000 Dodge Neon with Maryland tags If anybody had seen her parked along Md. Route 66 on - close to Sheetz, at Route 40 - I sure would appreciate some help on this. Thanks. Bye."


"This is in answer to the lady with the Stanley products. Please put your telephone number in Mail Call, and I will call you. I may be able to help you find what you're looking for. Thank you."

"Hi. This is Debbie Yost at the Hagerstown Home Store, and I'm responding to the lady that is saying she doesn't know who to contact about having no heat in the North End. If she is in Hagerstown, there is a code that she must have a certain temperature of heat or it can be inspected. I suggest that she call the City of Hagerstown at 301-790-3200 and ask to speak to someone in the planning department - inspections and permits, I guess is what it should be - inspections and permits, and they should be able to help her. Thank you."

"I wanted to respond to the person who called in concerning the Boonsboro Post Office, and told the person to get a post office box that don't get his mail until 6 p.m. What would happen if everyone decided to do this? They would have to eliminate the mailman. I'm sorry, they are now called letter carriers. I guess they would have to work in a factory like I do for half the pay and a lot harder work. I would not say a letter carrier's job is neither hard nor stressful, and they are well-paid with fantastic benefits. I wish I could be one, but no one ever quits."

"Hi. I just read in the paper where there was a lady wanted Betty Crocker Homestyle Fluffy Frosting Mix. She can buy it at Martin's, and sometimes County Market has it. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I'd like to tell the person who is looking for Christmas music on the radio that there is some on WLIF 101.9 FM. Thank you."

"To the person that keeps on cutting wires for Christmas decorations. They ought to get theirself a life and grow up. Thank you."

"Yes. I was wondering if there was any way I can get the sports page to print a Maryland Terrapins basketball schedule. I'm getting frustrated trying to read from day to day, week to week, to find our when they play from game to game. I'd like to just see a schedule, so I know."

"Yes. The identity of the person who assaulted City Councilman Wally McClure on the radio talk show program is now identified, and I think a public apology is appropriate. Thank you."

"I see by Wednesday's paper that the campus project at the Baldwin House is already over budget and won't open by the fall of 2002 as planned. Now there is lead paint and asbestos insulation. Surprise, surprise. We could have University of Maryland classes at HCC by this coming semester. Good planning, Governor Glendening."

"I was just reading Wednesday's Daily Mail for Dec. 22, and I think it's disgusting the way they put pictures in there of people receiving free food, toys and so forth, at the Salvation Army. Do you really think them people want to have their pictures in the paper? I mean, you know, they give them joy by giving them presents and all, and then they take it all away by putting their picture in the paper and stripping them of their pride and everything. I just think it's wrong, very wrong."

"To the person who had a soiled angel from hanging on the wall: She might try the divine intervention."

"I think our president is the reason that we have so many terrorists coming after our country. I think his inconsistent foreign policy bring it - he brings it all on hisself. Thank you."

"I hope the Republicans in the Congress and the Senate this year, this holiday season, and the start of the new millennium, will remember this quotation from the greatest of all men, 'Whatever you do to the least among us, you do unto me.' Thank you."

"Yes, anybody living in Sharpsburg, I want to warn you, you got teenagers running around trying to break into houses and vehicles, so be alert, 'cause the maniacs is out there running around Sharpsburg stealing stuff. So, just wanted to let everybody in Sharpsburg know what's going on. Have a good holiday and 'bye."

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