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December 22, 1999

Scores appreciated

To the editor:

There are a lot of fine people working to improve education and quality of life in Washington County. When a truly momentous achievement occurs we need to stop and say thank you to those who made it happen. Our school board, school administration, and dedicated teachers are to be sincerely congratulated on Washington County's school children achieving scores that placed our county eighth in the state in the Maryland School Performance Assessment program. Congratulations also to the children who worked so hard to achieve this success.

To teach children to read and read well is to empower them for a lifetime. It was a hard-fought decision to place emphasis and resources on reading, but our children and our community clearly are beginning to see the benefits. Quality education is one of the significant factors that make a community a good place to live, work and raise a family.


Washington County should be proud of our schools' achievement and the promise it brings for the futures of our children.

Mary C. Baykan, Director

Washington County Free Library

The real gift

To the editor:

As we celebrate the last great Christmas of the millennium, it needs to be stressed more today than at the turn of the last century the true reason for the season. So often we get caught up in the giving and receiving of gifts that we lose sight of the greatest gift ever given. The baby in the manger born on Christmas Day is by far the greatest gift ever given to man. Not only was he the baby in the manger wrapped as a Christmas gift to the world, he was and is the savior of mankind from this world.

No greater gift has ever been given to anyone, than the gift of Jesus Christ as he was given on that first Christmas morning. He forever changed the hands of time. Since his birth we celebrate calendar year after year the remembrance that Jesus Christ came was born into the world to save us from our sins.

So as we celebrate this Christmas season don't forget the greatest gift that God gave to the world which started the gift giving process. We can never receive or give a gift as great as the gift of the baby in the manger born in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago. As we give gifts this year don't forget those who are less fortunate and give them by contributing to an organization that helps the needy such as the Martinsburg Rescue Mission, Salvation army, or the Martinsburg Coffee Shop. All three of these ministries give to those who cannot afford to buy and are located in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Ron Payne, Director

Business Advocate for the Eastern Panhandle

Hedgesville, W.Va.

No to fun and games

To the editor:

Recently I read a letter in The Herald-Mail dated Nov. 25 from Gary R. Slaughter. I must say I sure do agree with what he said in his letter. I also hope our new commissioners read it.

Commissioner Bill Wivell is trying his best to help Washington County get out of this water and sewer debt, but he can't do this alone.

I do not want my taxes paying for another stadium. We have one, fix it up. I also do not think we should pay for another man's business.

If you enjoy the sport, you should not need the best. I can enjoy my grandchildren's ball games sitting in bleachers or a lawn chair or on the grass.

Why is the Toronto ball team so important that our stadium is not good enough? Leave if you must.

It seems Commissioner Paul Swartz wants to dig in our pockets for higher tax and fun and games. Some priority. There are many more important things needed - schools, better health care for the elderly and the homeless.

It is so easy for people in D.C., Chambersburg, Pa., Virginia and West Virginia to write in to the paper saying we need this stadium. Why not, it won't cost them a dime.

Put the vote to the ones who live in Washington County.

How many of you will get a special box seat to sit in, that is if you attend the games?

With this huge water and sewer debt, can we really afford a new stadium?

Would you rather be known as commissioners that let a ball team go, or ex-commissioners that put us deeper in debt?

Janice Dunkin



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