New truck comes to rescue in Maugansville

December 20, 1999

MAUGANSVILLE - The Maugansville Goodwill Fire Department placed its new $254,000 rescue squad truck in service on Monday evening, according to Chief Phil Ridenour.

"Placing this vehicle in operation will enhance the service provided to our community in any type of rescue situation from vehicle crashes to rough-terrain rescues," said Ridenour.

Maugansville had been using an old utility truck to provide limited rescue service, but surrounding companies frequently had to be called in to assist, he said.

The response time sometimes exceeded 12 to 15 minutes, prompting Maugansville to raise funds to buy its own vehicle, he said.


The State of Maryland requires any company establishing a rescue service to have a minimum of 10 rescue technicians and carry particular types and amounts of rescue equipment, he said.

Maugansville has 25 certified rescue technicians and exceeds state and Washington County requirements.

The new truck will replace a 1980 General Motors van that the company plans to sell.

Maugansville purchased the rescue truck last fall and it arrived in October. Since then, members have been receiving training and installing equipment - some new, some from the GMC van - onto the truck.

The truck was purchased from Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wis., through the West Potomac Fire Equipment Co. in Williamsport.

Maugansville's service area includes 21 square miles and 3,500 households. Its 32 active firefighters respond to about 550 calls a year.

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