Surgeon 'psyched' about leaving big-city life behind

December 20, 1999

Dr. Scott WorrellBy ANDREA BROWN-HURLEY / Staff Writer

photo: KEVIN G. GILBERT / staff photographer

Make no bones about it: Orthopedic surgeon Scott Worrell is happy to be in Hagerstown.

Worrell, who earned his medical degree from Harvard University, left a practice in Rockville, Md., to join Robinwood Orthopedic Specialists on Dec. 1.

"I'm psyched to be here. I'm very excited about the practice and my patients," said Worrell, 38. "I wanted a better life for my family and myself."

Though he will miss the cultural aspects of living in a metropolitan area, the move will make easier the ever-challenging task of balancing his professional and personal lives, Worrell said.


He is commuting to and from work until he sells his home in Brookville, Md., and said he and his family are looking forward to picking up new interests in the Hagerstown area.

The big-city bustle and increasing overhead costs and competition in the face of static population and patient levels drove Worrell's decision to relocate to quieter Western Maryland, he said.

"It doesn't lend for a very congenial professional environment," Worrell said.

The Barbados native said he likes and respects his peers at the Robinwood practice, and has enjoyed treating "pleasant and polite" patients.

A self-described "perfectionist" whose main area of interest is soft tissue injuries around joints, Worrell hopes to build a sports medicine practice within the group, he said.

He has served as the physician for sports teams ranging from high school football to professional ice hockey.

Worrell said he stitched countless facials cuts and mended many injured shoulders during his demanding stint as team physician for the National Hockey League's Hartford Whalers.

Yet he didn't pinpoint his service with the NHL or even his award-winning scholastic and professional achievements as career high points.

"Every day is a high point for me - just taking care of my patients," Worrell said.

The doctor said he strives to stick to his personal medical philosophy when he treats all his patients - from hockey stars to homemakers.

Whether he's setting broken bones, doctoring ligaments, or reconstructing limbs, Worrell tries "to treat all my patients as I'd want my family to be treated," he said.

His love of anatomy and medicine spurs him to continue his education through classes and seminars, Worrell said. It's a love he's nurtured since he was a teenager.

The lifelong science buff spent one year as a teenager working in the cardiac unit of a Barbados hospital - an experience which cemented his interest in medicine, Worrell said.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida before attending Harvard University Medical School.

Worrell's professional memberships include the American College of Surgeons, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Medical Chirurgical Society of Maryland.

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