Williamsport Briefs

December 14, 1999

Firefighters seek funds for equipment

Williamsport firefighters on Monday asked the town's Mayor and Council for financial support to purchase a new hi-tech search and rescue device.

Fire Chief Will Ball and Jay Grimes, president of the Williamsport Fire Department, explained how the $18,000 thermal imaging camera works while council members looked through the device.

The camera cuts search times in half by using thermal contrast to differentiate between heat sources, such as cooler human bodies in burning buildings, Ball said.


It also can be used to find drowning victims, Grimes added.

"When you're talking about a life, time is critical," Ball said.

The C&O Canal Committee has offered to purchase the equipment for the fire department, but would like some support from the town, Ball said.

A leasing program payment plan requires a $5,000 deposit and annual payments of $2,600, he said.

"The technology that we're getting here in Williamsport is endless. It's a really big step for us."

The Town Council decided to discuss the matter in a closed session after the open town meeting.

Council rejects change to work bid

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted against a change to the original work bid upon on the kiddie pool at Byron Memorial Park.

Callas Contractors won that $50,200 bid.

The contractor requested about $30,000 in additional expenses to do more concrete work on the area surrounding the pool.

An engineer who prepared the bid specs incorrectly measured the work area, which is larger than was specified, council members said.

Instead of spending the extra money to replace concrete in which there are holes, the council decided to replace the concrete area with topsoil and grass.

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