Mail Call for 12/14

December 14, 1999

"I cannot believe what I saw in Friday's paper. Great big letters, 'Father convicted.' Why did they have it so big that it probably embarrassed his son? I don't know this man, never spoke to him before, only saw him on the news. I would like someone else's opinion on this."

"To Wally McClure, you called in and said to let you know of any other parking problems that you could help with. Well, I have a solution to one. On Friday evening on East Franklin Street a nightclub was so busy and packed that they had to park in the left turning lane along the fence at the old DMV driving range. What a great concept for more parking. It would solve a lot of parking problems especially with this construction going on. Why not make East Franklin Street a two-lane street and give us residents more parking? The second block of East Franklin only has two, so why not make it all two lanes? It would solve a lot of congestion for the turning lane onto Mulberry and maybe stop a lot of accidents."


"Thanks to the wise people in Hagerstown who came up with the purple grape extract to move the crows. They moved to Williamsport in my big tree in my back yard. Black with crows. Which I never had before. You didn't care that it would be a health hazard to someone else. Some thinking!"

"I hope that the year 2000 brings on an invention that when a program comes on TV and I find that after I watched it after the first half hour, of a two-hour movie. When it becomes the most boring half hour of wasted time in my life, that the producers will know that I have shut it off."

"If it is not safe for a district attorney or a deputy sheriff to be downtown at night, then how safe is it for our children to go to the Baldwin House for college? I think you should send a copy of the paper to Mayor Bruchey and Gov. Glendening."

"I have never been so disgusted as when I see the audience of the talk shows when they applaud those dysfunctional guests that they bring on the show."

"Nursing homes, if you would provide child care on the premises for your workers, you would have a lot more workers and a lot more satisfied happy workers."

"To the person or persons who stole my mother's headstone flower arrangements from Greenlawn Cemetery, please return it. You don't know how much pain and suffering you are causing my father. Please, I know you are not a bad person, it is either a prank or you really liked it, but please put it back."

"I want to tell everyone in Washington County, not to be so wrapped up in this Y2K thing. Let's try to remember that it has been 2000 years since Christ was born. That is what we should be celebrating, his birthday and anticipate his second coming. Not to worry about Y2K, it would be nice to be a little prepared like some extra blankets, food and water. It is not going to be the end of the world, only God knows when the end of the world is coming. There is a lot of work to be done. Gospel has not yet been preached to all the preachers of the world. Let's celebrate this Christmas the way it should be celebrated, with great anticipation."

"This is to the person who said that cemeteries should enforce the rules for the amount of ornaments and stuff that are allowed. Why are you worried about what is on someone else's grave? If you want your gravesite to be neat and maintained, then do it. Don't worry about someone else's. Some of us do miss people that die. We like to put stuff on their graves on holidays and once a week. So if you don't like it, then worry about what your tombstone looks like and not someone else's."

"My number is 301-791-6363 and I am interested in the guppy fish that the lady wants to give to a person with an aquarium and a filter. I have one and I would like to have the fish."

"Does anyone know why there is always a long wait to eat when you go out? Every place there is such a long wait. Some of the places you go to you have to wait an hour or two to get your food. Does anyone notice this?"

"I thought I had seen it all until I was at a wrestling match at North High the other week and I saw two girls wrestling in a jayvee match. The girl for North Hagerstown beat the girl for Jefferson High School. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not but there it was. Two girls wrestling in a high school wrestling match. I understand that that was the first time a girl ever beat another girl, but I'm not sure about that."

"I am wondering what can be done about the speeding on Northern Avenue? The school children wouldn't have a chance to get across the street. I think speed bumps from Fountaindale to Northern Middle. Please put the police out there, where are they? I bring my child to school and I know what I am talking about and so do many other parents. I think it is about time something is done before someone is seriously hurt or killed."

"I want to applaud Bruce Hamilton on his article on Pokmon, great article."

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