Step-by-step to a stadium - What needs to happen next

December 14, 1999

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This is what needs to happen next for a new baseball stadium to be built in Hagerstown:

- The Hagerstown City Council must agree to borrow an additional $3 million, with the debt service to be paid by the city and an increase in the hotel-motel tax.

- The Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly must agree to raise the hotel-motel tax from 3 percent to 5 percent.

- The Maryland General Assembly must approve the tax increase in the next session, which begins in January.

- Gov. Parris Glendening must agree to include money for the stadium in a supplemental budget handed down during the 90-day General Assembly session that ends April 10.


- Within a year, stadium supporters need to raise $3 million in private contributions. About $1 million has been raised privately so far.

- The Washington County Commissioners would reserve the right to review all in-kind donations to verify their accuracy and practicality.

- The complex must be built in the city. A recent proposal calls for it to be built on Wesel Boulevard.

- The Hagerstown Suns and the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum must sign long-term leases for the facility.

- Laura Ernde

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