Holiday party blunders: The winner is...

December 09, 1999

We recently invited readers to share their most embarrassing holiday party experience, and offered a prize of $50 for the best story.

Fifteen people responded with wonderful accounts of seasonal goofs and blunders. We had a lot of laughs - as well as groans of sympathy - at the incidents they remembered.

We thank them all.

Linda Seibert's tale was deemed the winner.

Seibert recalled Christmas Eve 1978, giving a whole new meaning to "Here we come a-wassailing:"

"My husband, three children and I had just moved into our new home. ... I was throwing a party so our friends and extended family would be impressed with how well I had organized the house and gotten ready in time for Christmas.

After all our guests had taken the 'grand tour' of the house, I asked them to wait in the family room while I prepared the table for a large buffet dinner. The crowning touch was to be the traditional wassail, and I planned that this hot beverage would be the last item on the table.


I poured the liquid into my crystal punch bowl and then watched in shock and dismay as the bowl broke into four, perfect pieces.

Meats and cheeses, breads, mints, cookies and nuts swam in a sea of wassail as it cascaded over the table and onto the floor. Although we were all dressed in our best to attend church later, the women spent the evening mopping up sticky wassail while the men kept the children and the dog from tracking through the mess."

Although she now lives in a different home, Seibert, a Hagerstown resident, still goes all out for the holiday season. She has 17 decorated Christmas trees - two or three in some rooms.

"We love Christmas," she says.

- Kate Coleman, Staff Writer

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