Mail Call for 12/9

December 09, 1999

"Downtown isn't safe for two duck hunters. What makes anyone think that it is safe for our young children to go to college down there?"

"I wanted to say that I really like the new format of The Daily Mail. I think that it is very interesting and I really love the news that is going around town, Boonsboro, Clear Spring and other places. I am very happy with the new paper now."

"We want you to know that the Willamette's Majorettes and Pom Corps are accepting new members for majorettes, poms, flags, rifles and color guards for the 2000 parade season. Sign up in person on Monday, Jan. 10, at 6 p.m. at the Ag Center on Sharpsburg Pike. For further information, call 301-842-2050 or 301-739-1617."

"Last week I went to the meeting of the LMB and can now understand why people feel like they're not being heard. As a Head Start parent, I was there asking them for their support in the effort of Resources for Children and Families, I am going after the Head Start grant."


"I think the people calling in about the mayor and the governor are very bad. I don't think you should even print it. We have a wonderful mayor and governor. I think it is a wonderful idea to put the college downtown. We need it. Many people raise their children downtown. I raised two, five blocks from the square and they turned out beautifully. It is the parents that are calling in that should be taking stock of themselves, not the mayor and governor."

"Dec. 7 is one of the most outstanding events of any war, but the attack on Pearl Harbor will never be celebrated by the United States or Japan."

"This is for Mr. Rowland, so sorry you didn't use the prosecutor's name and the deputy."

"About the pro wrestling page in The Daily Mail. I hope this doesn't follow the usual trend of The Herald-Mail, meaning that we will now have professional wrestling shoved down our throats. It is not a sport, it is like a circus that features violence. Don't degrade your paper or lower your standards. I hope you don't hire a writer that likes the Jerry Springer Show."

"I am calling about the house in the 200 block of West Side Avenue. My husband and I along with my grandchildren enjoyed your jack-o'-lantern every night in October. Your door is wonderful for Christmas. You give the West End some class. My hat goes off to you and Merry Christmas."

"I don't care at all for the obituaries to be on the front of the paper. It upsets me when I read that. When I look down there to see what is in the paper and when it comes to that I am very upset, especially when it is someone I know. I would rather find it in the paper myself. I think this should be stopped."

"I have a comment about the Baldwin House downtown. I think they should put the courthouse in there."

"I wish The Herald-Mail would get on the ball and send a reporter to the commissioners office and check to see if the county utilities are ready for Y2K. People are concerned. Don't you think that this is local news worth reporting?"

"I hope that some of the people who are waiting on the welfare checks every month, would go out and get a job. What is their problem, Wendy's, Cracker Barrel, McDonald's and other places are always hiring for around $6 at night. Don't sit around smoking, watching TV, during the day and drinking at night. It makes me so upset to go into these places and you cannot get waited on because they have no help. So welfare people, get out there and get a job."

"I was out at Rest Haven Cemetery today to visit my husband's grave and I saw some white wooden crosses out there. Can someone let me know where they got them at, so I can put them on my husband's grave."

"I don't like the format of the paper, I liked it the old way. When something happens in the world, I want to see it in the headlines, I don't want to have to go into the middle of the newspaper to find it."

"One of our emus escaped out on Pecktonville Road. There is a $25 reward and the phone number is 301-842-2119."

"For the person complaining about the treehouses on Doub Road. Why don't you just be quiet and quit worrying about what other people do and being nosy."

"Does anyone know of a 'Slender You' exercising place? There used to be one in Williamsport. I can't find any anymore. Please call in and let me know if there any around."

"This editorial was submitted to a local newspaper; "Dear God, why didn't you save the children of Littleton School?" Sincerely, A Student. Dear Student, I am not allowed in Schools" Sincerely God."

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