Council, Mayor request funds for picnic pavilions

December 08, 1999|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Money for picnic pavilions at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds Park and for improvements to the area around the new District Court building in downtown Hagerstown are among the requests Hagerstown's Mayor and City Council plan to present to the local legislative delegation.

Depending on whether the Washington County Commissioners back plans for a new baseball stadium, the city might also request money for that project.

Hagerstown's Mayor and City Council are expected to meet with the Washington County delegation to the state General Assembly on Dec. 20 at 9 a.m. in Council Chamber on the second floor of Hagerstown City Hall.

The mayor and council agreed Tuesday that they would request $500,000 in state bond bill funds.

Some of the money would go toward a $720,000 renovation of the area around the new District Court building, which is under construction.


Renovation plans include widening the alleys around the court building and adjacent parking lot, adding lighting to the area and paving two alleys with bricks.

City officials originally had sought $350,000 in grant funds for the project, but were turned down.

Some of the bond bill money could also pay for the construction of several pavilions at the Fairgrounds.

Other matters expected to be discussed include:

* Potential legislation to permit the seizure and forfeiture of motor vehicles used during the solicitation of prostitutes.

* Recognizing the city's fire marshals as police officers so the city could receive some reimbursement from the state. The state reimburses local governments for some of the cost of police officers.

* Potential legislation to permit the city to levy fees or service charges on the owners of abandoned buildings.

* Getting state agencies to maintain their properties, such as the medians on U.S. 40 and the Hagerstown Armory.

* A potential exemption from a new state electric "franchise" tax.

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