Mail Call for 12/8

December 08, 1999

"The Christmas Spirit came to Williamsport with a bang on Sunday afternoon. Beginning with a fantastic concert by the Williamsport Community Band under the direction of Susie Kunkle. The great music was received by a full house and enthusiastic audience at the Springfield Middle School auditorium. This was followed by a great Christmas flight of bands, majorettes groups, floats. Santa arrived on a large red farm wagon, pulled by two beautiful horses. The parade ended at the park and the lights were turned on. What a sight, you don't have to travel anywhere else to see lights, just come to Williamsport and ride through the park. Congratulations to the mayor and council and the men who put up the decorations."

"I wonder if those who lost a husband or anyone close to them at the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, buy products made by the Japanese?"

"This is Councilman Wally McClure. I would like to thank Virgil Sipes who lives on North Mulberry Street near Jefferson Street and Tim Young in the Engineering Department for helping me find four additional parking spots in that general neighborhood. I am glad to do that for you. I hope it helps a great deal. If there are others of you in the city that are having similar problems, I hope that you give me a call at my work, 301-797-6989, so we can try to help solve some of these parking problems within the city."


"I found a GM key that looks like a car key. I found it on Burhans Boulevard between Turtles and China King restaurant. If anyone is missing a GM car key, call 301-790-1384."

"I was just reading in Mail Call, it says 'Free stuff, beware, it may not be free.'You mean you can't pay the tax? How much could the tax possibly be for a sub, 30 cents? You people want something for nothing. If it was up to me you would get nothing for something."

"With the new college coming to downtown, it is time for the city to clean the trash up downtown. I am not talking about the litter, it is starting to look like Baltimore."

"To the people who think that The Daily-Mail should go back to the national and the world news, The Daily Mail is a local newspaper."

"The format of the paper, I don't care how you do it as long as you print the truth, that is the main thing. Doesn't matter what the format is as long as it is the truth."

"You are right, I do not have AT&T anymore. Use 10 10 220, 99 cents, 20 minutes, no monthly fee."

"To the Williamsport Mayor and the Christmas Decorating Committee, would you please change the winners this year and surprise everybody else in Williamsport and let someone else have a chance. Not everyone has a big home and a big hillside to decorate. We all try to win."

"I like the new format of the paper, it is very nice."

"If the assistant state's attorney and the sheriff's deputy think that it is unsafe to be downtown at night and early in the morning, how come the government officials think it is safe for the kids to go to college down there? Something is wrong someplace."

"It is Monday, Dec. 6 and I just read Tim Rowland's Duck Hunting column and I wanted to say, way to go Tim, keep up the good work. I enjoyed my laugh for the day."

"I can't believe all of these people are knocking this nice new pretty evening paper. It has all of your sections done in the right order, it has nice color pictures and they did a nice job on the makeover."

"I was watching the Army-Navy game, I noticed Army player No. 58 had Hagerstown, Md., on his jersey. Could someone please tell me his name and high school?"

"I am calling to say that I am disappointed with the new format of the paper. I don't think that it is necessary to have tid bit items or to have obit names highlighted on the front page. I would like to see it arranged a little bit differently or go back to the old format."

"Just wondering whose bright idea it was to replace Ann Landers with Dear Abby? Please return Ann Landers to The Daily Mail. The general population of Hagerstown prefers Ann Landers to Dear Abby."

"I found Tim Rowland's article 'Duck, duck oops' interesting. He picked up on something I too took note of. On one hand, we have the mayor saying that Hagerstown's crime problem is just a perception. But yet the state's attorney didn't want to stand in line on a city street, "Jonathan Street is unsafe at night." Would the mayor be comfortable with any of his family members being alone on the sidewalk of Hagerstown at night? I think not."

"The wrestling coach at North High, Greg Slick, opened the match the other night with a wonderful tribute to the veterans in rememberance of Pearl Harbor. He invited the Morris Frock Color Guard in for the Pledge of Allegiance and then the North High principal, Dave Reeder, belted out the National Anthem. It was truly a moving experience. And then the Hubs beat Frederick. Go Hubs!"

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