Mail Call for 12/7

December 07, 1999

"I have lost a mother-grandmother ring, it has three birthstones in it. I was at the Birthplace on Bower Avenue and The Dollar Tree on Wesel Boulevard. It is very sentimental to me. I have had it for over 30 years. I would appreciate anyone who found it to turn it in to either store and let me know in Mail Call. I will identify it."

"Last Thursday night I went downtown to one of the local watering holes, I spent about three hours there. I had bird stuff all over my car. It cost me $6.75 to get my car washed. Do you think that I could submit this bill to City Hall and make them pay it?"

"I think the Baldwin House is a good place for the new college. Just like the new courthouse, they will both spruce up the downtown. Even though the building was well built, it is now an eyesore. Therefore, I think it would be cheaper to tear it down and rebuild it. Maybe they will consider buying the old McCrory's building for a future parking deck for the students."


"I would like to make it clear that none of the employees at the bakery took the money from me. I would like to apologize to the employees for being accused of taking the money from the customer that has been coming in this past week."

"To the person who wants a pharmacy in the West End. You don't have to go to CVS or Wal-Mart. Magnolia Square Pharmacy at the corner of Franklin and Walnut St. offers you quality service, personal attention, free delivery and the best prices. The friendly staff is always willing to answer your questions or concerns. The number is 301-739-9070."

"I am calling in regard to the new format of The Daily Mail. I think that the local obituaries should not be put on the front page."

"My daughter likes snowballs with seafoam on top of them. I make seafoam candy. Can anyone tell me how long to let it cook to make the seafoam for the snowballs?"

"The person that was calling about the homeless cats and kittens in her neighborhood. If she would call 301-791-7239, they may be able to help you with that."

"As a concerned citizen, I think it would be a waste of our tax money to put it into a stadium, when just a few people would get any use out of it. The money should be put to good use on the streets and roads in and around Hagerstown. Just about all of the streets and roads are full of rough patches and holes, which is hard on your cars. All of this should be fully resurfaced, for that amount of money."

"I am calling about the article in A13 of Friday's paper, about Jennifer Lynn Hart and her transplant. I think that it was disgraceful and disrespectful to print what happened to her during the last year and a half of her life. I can't believe that they would put her mother through all of that pain by letting her see that in the paper again."

"I am responding to the person who called in about the homeless cats and kittens. They said they are cold and hungry. I am a cat lover, I have three cats, but I cannot have anymore because I live in an apartment. But if they would like to give me a call at 301-393-4356, maybe I could give them some ideas. I would even help them take them to a shelter or something. I really am an extremely loyal cat lover. I would be more than glad to help this person out. Please give me a call."

"I think it is in poor taste to put a preview of the Washington County obituaries on the front page."

"I don't care for the new format of the paper. Now they can put their comics in the A section, then I wouldn't have to bother reading the rest of the paper. They can put the run of the mill stuff along with the introductions."

"I don't know why you are changing the paper all around. Whoever heard of a headline on the front, 'Fun in Funkstown Selling Cookies' when it should be news. The news should be on the front and the petty little news stuff that amounts to nothing should be in the back sections. This is such a terrible decision that you made. It is very bad. We need to rise above this little hip town and do something great and wonderful."

"Bus driver 251 at Bester Elementary, please be considerate and let drivers in the right turn lane know when it is safe to pull out onto South Potomac Street. We cannot see around your bus. Thank you."

"I found an I.D. that belongs to someone down on Antietam St. It has Davis Company's A-Team Shipping, then it has the person's name underneath. So if the person who lost this needs it, they can call me and tell me what the name is, they can have it back. My number is 301-790-0452."

"I was wondering if anyone had any information on how to get old foreign currency appraised. If you do, call Mail Call and I will call you back."

"Instead of the county commissioners giving $27,612.50 to buy uniforms for the Sheriff's Department, why don't they give us the raise that we deserve. It will go to better use for our families and for us to live."

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